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 *    Customer Reviews JACK & THE BEANSTALK 2015/16







"The children enjoyed the singing & audience participation" Castlebar School, London - 11th Jan 2016


"Very good" Queenswood Social Club, Leeds - 9th Jan 2016


"The adults loved the way the children were totally hooked in and involved" Wincham CP School, Cheshire - 8th Jan 2016


"Really fun, can we have them again!" Marston Green Infant Academy, Birmingham - 8th Jan 2016


"It was very funny. Very good performance, thank you.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it"

Our Lady of Lourdes C.P. School, Birmingham - 8th Jan 2016


"Very much aimed at our children's ages" Monkspath School, Solihull - 7th Jan 2016


"It was great, everyone joined in, Staff & Pupils" Trinity C of E Methodist Primary School, Skelmersdale - 6th Jan 2016


"It was very funny, it made us laugh" St. Peter's C.E. Primary School, Accrington - 5th Jan 2016


"Professional, fun and engaging" Direct Line Group, Kent - 24th Dec 2015


"Everyone enjoyed it" Edmund House WMC, Leeds - 21st Dec 2015


"Very good performance" Westows Play & Football Centre, East Sussex - 21st Dec 2015


"Very good, can we have it again next year" Wardle Conservative Club Company Ltd, Rochdale - 20th Dec 2015


"Great fun. Good family entertainment.  Value for money" Shipleys Bingo, Kidderminster - 20th Dec 2015


"Very enjoyable" WPM Sports & Social Club, Gosport - 19th Dec 2015


"The children thought it was great" Clockhouse Community Centre, London - 19th Dec 2015


"Both staff & children thoroughly enjoyed the show" Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Swindon - 17th Dec 2015


"Adults said it was very good and the children loved it" All Saints C of E Primary School, London - 17th Dec 2015


"First class!" Bromley Masonic Hall Ltd, Kent - 17th Dec 2015


"Some of the teachers said it was nice that the older children got involved and enjoyed it too"

St. George's C of E Academy, Birmingham - 16th Dec 2015


"Full of energy. Funny" Axbridge C of E First Academy, Somerset - 16th Dec 2015


"Great Fun! Enjoyable for all" St. James' C of E Primary Academy, Kent - 16th Dec 2015


"The children were engaged and involvement was age appropriate" Luton Infant & Nursery School, Kent - 16th Dec 2015


"It captured the children's attention and they were constantly laughing" Windlesham Village Infant School, Surrey - 16th Dec 2015


"Relevant and engaging" Kensington C.P. School, Liverpool - 15th Dec 2015


"The children thought it was the best panto we have had, thank you" Murston Jnr. School, Kent - 14th Dec 2015


"Lovely costumes, great jokes that involved the kids" Westwood Park Primary School, Manchester - 14th Dec 2015


"Children found it engaging and lots of fun" Dewhurst St. Mary Primary School, Cheshunt - 14th Dec 2015


"Everyone enjoyed it and they went away smiling" Longbenton Community Centre, Longbenton - 13th Dec 2015


"Always a hit!" South Forest Leisure, Edwinstowe - 13th Dec 2015


"Very professional. Fun!" Queen Elizabeth Comm. College, Exeter - 12th Dec 2015


"The whole show was brilliant" Worcester Bosch Social Club, Worcester - 12th Dec 2015


"The Children loved the interaction with the cast" Robert Bosch Ltd, Middlesex - 12th Dec 2015


"The show was really funny" St. Mary's CE (VA) First School, Berkhamsted - 11th Dec 2015


"Great Fun, The Best, We loved it, It was funny" St. Philip's RC School, Manchester - 9th Dec 2015


"Children loved it, good production" Snapethorpe Primary School, Wakefield - 9th Dec 2015


"It was fabulous, brilliant!" Whitchurch Infant & Nursery School, Shropshire - 9th Dec 2015


"Children said it was funny" Addington School, Berkshire - 9th Dec 2015


"Great interactive show" Wallsend Jubilee Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 7th Dec 2015


"Didn't they work hard. The scenery was fantastic" Tesco, Bristol - 6th Dec 2015


"Enjoyed the interaction which is the best bit of panto" IPECO Europe, Essex - 6th Dec 2015


"Our deaf parents were very happy that music etc. had been sent to the interpreter beforehand. Very good length, very

entertaining - Performance was fantastic!" Seaham Town Hall, Co. Durham - 6th Dec 2015


"Amazing show with only 3 people. Guests said daughter loved it, she never sits still and did not move at all"

Sandy Balls Holiday Village, Fordingbridge - 5th Dec 2015


"I've never been to a Panto before, this is amazing. So much fun. I loved it!"

St. Philips & St. Mark Church Hall, London - 5th Dec 2015


"Very exciting show!" Tividale Hall Primary School, Tividale - 4th Dec 2015


"The Children were very engaged" Anson CE (A) Primary School, Stafford - 4th Dec 2015


"Love that the cast were in reception at the end giving out presents" Dyson, Wiltshire - 4th Dec 2015


"The children particularly enjoyed the songs" Lonesome Primary School, Surrey - 4th Dec 2015


"Dusty character was particularly funny" Steam Mills Primary School, Gloucestershire - 4th Dec 2015


"Thank you for showing masks before the performance so that the children were not scared"

College Town Inf/Nurs. School, Berkshire - 4th Dec 2015


"Really enjoyed it" Watford General Hospital, Watford - 4th Dec 2015


"The adults said they haven't laughed so much like that in a while" Kings Fitness & Leisure, Somerset - 3rd Dec 2015


"Amazing!!" Roseberry Primary School, Stockton on Tees - 3rd Dec 2015


"You could hear the children laughing from one end of the school to the other"

Robert Bakewell Primary School, Loughborough - 3rd Dec 2015


"Lots of fun and very enjoyable" The Meads Primary School, Luton - 3rd Dec 2015


"Very good, fantastic, awesome!" All Saints C of E School, Somerset - 3rd Dec 2015


"The children loved every bit of it" Luton Town Football Club, Luton - 3rd Dec 2015


"It was awesome" Mission Grove Primary School (North), London - 2nd Dec 2015


"It entertained the large age range of children very well and wasn't too scary for the little ones"

Welbury Village Hall, York - 2nd Dec 2015


"Right amount of audience participation and kept children engaged" Barlestone C of E Primary School, Nuneaton 2nd Dec 2015


"The children liked Robbie the Rabbit and enjoyed the singing and dancing. Thank you the children loved it"

South Ossett Infant Academy, Wakefield - 1st Dec 2015


"Awesome, brilliant, really funny, made me laugh, loved it" Ravenswood King Unity Primary School, Suffolk - 1st Dec 2015


"Hoping you will be back next year. Love it, still singing" St Vincent College, Gosport - 1st Dec 2015


"All children, including children with additional needs engaged throughout"

Clarendon Road Comm. Primary School, Manchester 30th Nov 2015


"Very Good" Mecca Bingo, Chesterfield - 29th Nov 2015


"It was great, impressive night, actors were fab!" Dalgarno Community Centre, London - 29th Nov 2015


"The children enjoyed joining in with the songs and just generally enjoyed themselves" Buhler Sortex Ltd, London - 28th  Nov 2015


"Children & adults loved the show, the actors are a real credit to you" Office Depot, Leicester - 28th Nov 2015


 *    Customer Reviews  CINDERELLA 2014/15




Customer Reviews  RED RIDING HOOD 2014/15



"Great performance from all three actors" St. Paulinus Parochial Hall, Dewsbury - 11th Jan 2015


"Adults said book them next year" Broadwater WM Conservative Club, Worthing - 11th Jan 2015


"Most adults commented on how much they and their children enjoyed the show" Coneygre Youth Arts Centre, Tipton - 10th Jan 2015


"One child said - I wish we could have a panto every day" Leverstock Green Village Hall, Hemel Hempstead -

10th Jan 2015


"Best Chaplins panto so far - Audience participation at exactly the right level" Fairfield Comm. Primary School, Bury, Lancs - 9th Jan 2015


"The children all enjoyed singing Happy and All about the Bass" St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School, Solihull - 8th Jan 2015


"One of the best pantos we have seen yet by your company" Monkspath School, Solihull - 7th Jan 2015


"That the show was very well organised and very funny" Trinity C of C Methodist Primary School,

Skelmersdale - 7th Jan 2015


"Thought the production was great for lower KS1/2" Greet Primary School, Birmingham - 6th Jan 2015


"All really enjoyed the show and the participation" St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth - 6th Jan 2015


"They liked the singing.  It was funny. The adults thought it was very suitable for our children" Castlebar School, London - 6th Jan 2015


"Liked the singing and joining in" St. Mary's Priory RC Infant & Junior School, London - 6th Jan 2015


"Fantastic. We loved it, it was really funny" Irlam Primary School, Manchester - 6th Jan 2015


"All the comments were good and positive - all enjoyed the show" The Benn Hall, Rugby - 3rd Jan 2015


"Great story although parents wondered where the cow came from" Bedfont & Hatton RBL,

Middlesex -3rd Jan 2015


"Less scary than year before more about the children and involvement" The Lensbury Club,

Teddington - 29th Dec 2014


"They liked the set and thought the actors were funny and engaging" Direct Line Group, Bromley - 24th Dec 2014


"Fantastic, so much fun must do it again next year" Guy Carpenter, Witham - 24th Dec 2014


"Great panto" Catlin, London - 23rd Dec 2014


"Very good value for money" Westows Play & Football Centre, East Sussex - 22nd Dec 2014


"Kids and adults all loved it" Edmund House WMC, Leeds - 22nd Dec 2014


"Good show enjoyed by all" Shipleys Bingo, Kidderminster - 21st Dec 2014


"Very good" Havant Ex-servicemans Club, Havant - 21st Dec 2014


"Much more entertaining than adults expected" Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Cheshire - 21st Dec 2014 


"All feedback very good" The George Hotel, Penrith - 21st Dec 2014


"The children loved it. The show was for disabled children and the parents felt at ease" St. Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre, Hull - 21st Dec 2014


"Just to say a big thank you to the cast of Little Red Riding Hood which visited our charity Christmas party on Sunday. We loved it thank you. Merry Christmas xx" Facebook message: St. Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre, Hull - 21st Dec 2014


"Kept lads entertained who thought it was going to be girly" Hemsworth Miners Social Club,

Pontefract - 20th Dec 2014


"They had positive interaction with the children" Newmarket Leisure Centre, Suffolk - 20th Dec 2014


"Good interaction" Dickerage Playgroup (Little Adventurers), Surrey - 20th Dec 2014


"Great show, costumes and set.  Actors were cool and lot of fun, loved the sing a long" Procter & Gamble Technical Central Ltd. Newcastle upon Tyne - 20th Dec 2014


"Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for next year" David Lloyd Leisure, Hull - 20th Dec 2014


"All agreed it was the best Chaplins performance ever!" Arnold View Primary School,

Nottinghamshire - 19th Dec 2014


"Very good feedback for all. Thank you" Blackwell Fist School, Bromsgrove - 19th Dec 2014


"Brilliant performance. Correct pitch for our age children. Actors encouraged excitement at the correct level" Whitestone Infants School, Nuneaton - 19th Dec 2014


"Liked the age appropriate humour and up to date pop music" St. Peter's Catholic Primary School,

Romford - 19th Dec 2014


"Great fun, really enjoyed it, children really engaged, great end to the term" Thorntree Primary School, Cleveland - 19th Dec 2014


"It was brilliant' was general comments by children and grown ups" Westfield Infants School,

Brampton - 18th Dec 2014


"Very enjoyable show" Princefield 1st School, Stafford - 18th Dec 2014


"All enjoyed it but found it quite long" St. Leonards VA Lower School, Leighton Buzzard - 18th Dec 2014


"Comments on the day were - the best one yet and are we having it next year?" St. Teresa's RC Primary School, Oldham - 18th Dec 2014


"The children very much enjoyed the panto it just got too loud for the venue" Herne Bay Infant School,

Kent - 18th Dec 2014


"It was a good balance of humour and acting, highly professional and interactive" St. Helen Auckland Primary School, Co. Durham - 18th Dec 2014


"Enjoyed the songs - Happy and All About the Bass.  The children enjoyed it, found it funny and so did the staff" St. Mary's RC Primary School, Littleborough - 18th Dec 2014


"It was a very good performance" Avenue Primary School, Leicester - 17th Dec 2014


"Thought the panto was better than last year, story was clearer and more accessible" Redwood Primary School, Derbyshire - 17th dec 2014


"Good interaction with the children, going into the audience and singing more than the previous year" Wilnecote High School, Tamworth 17th Dec 2014


"Full of energy, children were fully engaged" Axbridge C of E First Academy, Somerset - 17th Dec 2014


"The children thought it was fantastic" Deanesfield Primary School, South Ruislip - 17th Dec 2014


"Everyone loved it, the children laughed and had a wonderful time and the staff were entertained too!" Wellingtons for Langley Hall Nursery, Slough - 17th Dec 2014


"Enjoyable and interactive" St. James' C of E Primary Academy, Kent - 17th Dec 2014


"We were surprised at how entertaining it was  - very funny" Everyone Active Leisure Centre,

Redcar - 17th Dec 2014


"Really enjoyed the show" Castle Hill Primary School, Doncaster - 17th Dec 2014


"Everyone loved it" Hill Top Primary School, Wakefield - 17th Dec 2014


"Lively presentation, cheerful set and good interaction" St. Teresa's Catholic Primary School,

Colchester - 16th Dec 2014


"The children said they thoroughly enjoyed it" Kensington CP School, Liverpool - 16th Dec 2014


"Parents said it was fantastic, loved every minute, kept children involved throughout.  Outstanding all round, would definitely hire you again. Thank you so much" The Robin Todd Centre, Durham - 16th Dec 2014


"Really enjoyed it" St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Knaresbrough - 16th Dec 2014


"All enjoyed it" St. Andrew's (VA) CE Infant School, Brighouse - 16th Dec 2014


"The children liked the wolf" Bromet School, Watford - 15th Dec 2014


"It was very good" Kingfisher Primary School, Kent - 15th Dec 2014


"Everyone loved the way the actors added the extra adlibs" Magners Gb Ltd, Somerset - 14th Dec 2014 


"All enjoyed the day" Pocklington united Services, Yorkshire - 14th Dec 2014


"All said it was very enjoyable and look forward to next year" Wardle Conservative Club Company Ltd. Rochdale - 14th Dec 2014


"Comments were that it was the best one we have had and that all three actors were exceptional" Searle Sports & Social Club, Northumberland - 14th Dec 2014


"Very good production - ladies were very professional" Queens College, Cambridge - 13th Dec 2014


"Children singing songs as leaving - all very happy and smiling" Community Action, South Wigston - 12th Dec 2014


"Best production we've seen for many years" Hurst Green Primary School, Halesowen - 12th Dec 2014


"Very funny with great acting!" Riverside Primary School, Hereford - 12th Dec 2014


"Really well done, children loved it" St. Mary's First School, Berkhampstead - 12th Dec 2014


"Age appropriate (ks1 & early years)" Aylward 1st Middle School, Stanmore - 12th Dec 2014


"The children loved it" Chorley St. Peter's Primary School, Lancashire - 12th Dec 2014


"The best performance I've ever seen!" St. Joseph's RC Primary School, Loftus - 12th Dec 2014


"Children had lots fun" Blackheath Primary School, Rowley Regis, 11th Dec 2014


"Very funny, my first panto Brilliant - I loved the wolf it was great" Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Coventry - 11th Dec 2014


"Great quality as always" St. Peter's Primary School, Pilning - 11th Dec 2014


"Teachers and children expressed just how much they enjoyed it" All Saints CE Primary School,

Manchester -11th Dec 2014


"All pupils and staff said that the show was funny, lively and energetic, enjoyed by all" West View Primary School, Hartlepool - 11th Dec 2014


"Children had lots of fun.  It was the best panto ever!" Lydgate Primary School, Batley - 11th Dec 2014


"Best show we have had from your Company" Snapethorpe Primary School, Wakefield - 11th Dec 2014 


"Fantastic, children really enjoyed it" Woodrow First School, Redditch - 10th Dec 2014


"Good fun" Addington School, Reading - 10th Dec 2014


"Good length this year and not too loud for the children" Thomas's Preparatory School, Clapham - 10th Dec 2014


"It was the best ensemble cast at Warren Sch in 11 years" Warren Junior School, Romford - 10th Dec 2014


"All were fully engaged and had fantastic time children and adults - excellent" Whitchurch Infant & Nursery School, Shopshire - 10th Dec 2014


"Very enjoyable performance" Gad's Hill School, Rochester - 9th Dec 2014


"Very entertaining well-acted and funny" Sharneyford Primary School, Bacup - 9th Dec 2014


"Really enjoyed the singing and dancing" Brookhurst Primary School, Leamington Spa - 8th Dec 2014


"You can always rely on Chaplins" Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Swindon - 8th Dec 2014


"Excellent dancing and encouragement of the audience" Mission Grove Primary School (South)

Walthamstow - 8th Dec 2014


"The children had a great time lots of laughter and audience participation. Adults enjoyed it also" St. Bernards Prep School, Slough - 8th Dec 2014


"Fantastic Performance" Johnson Control Automotive Ltd. Burton upon Trent - 7th Dec 2014


"Very good. Funny enjoyed by all both adults and children. Thank you" BBOB Rugby Club, Northampton - 7th Dec 2014


"We received all good comments" Dartford Conservative Club, Kent - 7th Dec 2014


"There was a lovely atmosphere" Dawdon Miners Social Club, Seaham - 7th Dec 2014


"Audience commented on how professional it was" AstraZeneca, Macclesfield - 6th Dec 2014


"Adults liked the interaction with such a small group, which they didn't think would be possible" Grandborough Village Hall, Warwickshire - 6th Dec 2014


"Several parents commented on the way out, how much they had enjoyed it" Queen Elizabeth Community College, Exeter - 6th Dec 2014


"All enjoyed the performance" Wandgas Sports & Social Club, Surrey - 6th Dec 2014


"Adults commented, just how included the children were and what a professional show it was" Fisher Clinical Services UK Ltd. Horsham - 6th Dec 2014


"Very positive comments all round" Whitecroft Lighting Ltd. Ashdon under Lyne - 6th Dec 2014


"Very engaging and enjoyable. We liked the sing along at the end" Tividale Hall Primary School, West Midlands - 5th Dec 2014


"It had a good pace and kept the children interested" Longlevens Infant School, Gloucester - 5th Dec 2014


"The children and adults said they liked it very much" The Meads Primary School, Luton - 5th Dec 2014


"Everybody enjoyed it" Watford General Hospital, Watford - 5th Dec 2014


"The children liked it when Moo Moo hugged Posh Bert! They liked the money game and the water tree" St. John's C of E Infant School, Surrey - 5th Dec 2014


"Very funny, loved it" Crays Hill Primary School, Essex - 5th Dec 2014


"The children enjoyed an alternative version of Red Riding Hood characters" Newsham Primary School,

Blyth - 5th Dec 2014 


"The staff felt that you were amazing - brilliant!!" Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School,

Birmingham - 4th Dec 2014


"Everybody said how much they'd enjoyed the show.  One child couldn't believe there was a real cow and a real wolf!!" Mossfield Primary School, Pendlebury - 4th Dec 2014


"The performers gave it their all" Fugro-Robertson, Llandudno - 4th Dec 2014 


"Parents said it was fantastic and made them laugh as well as the children, they also said it should be a new tradition" Home From Home childrens Daycare Nursery, Surrey - 3rd Dec 2014


"It was funny and exciting and the audience felt engaged" Ardleigh Green Junior School,

Hornchurch - 3rd Dec 2014


"The children enjoyed the performance and engaged throughout. The adults loved the performance and participation" Mission Grove Primary School (North) Walthamstow - 3rd Dec 2014


"We all thought it was great fun" Holy Rosary RC Primary School, Oldham - 3rd Dec 2014


"Children thoroughly enjoyed it and talked about it for days afterwards" New Penshaw Academy,

Co. Durham - 3rd Dec 2014 


"Thanks @ChaplinsPantos for a wonderfully wacky twist on Little Red Riding Hood, we had a blast!" Twitter message: Stella Maris School, Stockport - 3rd Dec 2014


"Children said it was fantastic" Charlestown Community Primary School, Machester - 2nd Dec 2014


"The children were really engaged which shows what a professional performance it was" Treowen Primary School, Powys - 2nd Dec 2014 


"Everybody said it was fantastic" Roseberry Primary School, Cleveland - 2nd Dec 2014


"Several thanked us for such a good show" The Old Central, Leek - 30th Nov 2014


"Excellent panto from adults and children" The Olive Bowl, Dorset - 30th Nov 2014


"Liked the interaction" Mecca Bingo, Doncaster - 30th Nov 2014


"It was good for the children" St. Aubyns Primary School, Woodford Green - 29th Nov 2014

 *    Customer Reviews DICK WHITTINGTON 2016/17






"Great performance from all three Actors" St. Paulinus Parochial Hall, Dewsbury - 15th Jan 2017


"Very entertaining" Grove Street Primary School, Wirral - 13th Jan 2017


"Great panto, please can we have them again!  This was a really fabulous pantomime and everyone had a wonderful time.

Some of the children had never experienced a panto, so a great big thank you to you all" Showfields Hall, Kent - 8th Jan 2017


"Loved it all" Red Arrow Club, Kent - 7th Jan 2017


"Great for younger years" Netherbrook Primary School, Dudley - 5th Jan 2017


"The children really enjoyed this Panto" Ferndale Primary School, Birmingham - 5th Jan 2017


"Great afternoon, everyone really enjoyed it" Donnington Valley Group Ltd, Newbury - 29th Dec 2016


"Good show, good length" Northleach Town Council, Gloucester - 22nd Dec 2016


"Thank you for an amazing service once again.  The party was very well received by all the children as well as parents"

Catlin, London - 21st Dec 2016


"Everyone loved it, the children wanted to know when can the panto come again?" Haddon Primary & Nursery School, Nottingham

- 19th Dec 2016


"Great scenery! Story appropriate for little ones and it wasn't too scary!" Westfield Infants School, Chesterfield - 19th Dec 2016


"Children were engaged throughout" Mossfield Primary School, Manchester - 19th Dec 2016


"It was the best we have had, lots of interaction with the children" Shipleys Bingo, Worcester - 18th Dec 2017


"A big thank you to all the cast they were extremely helpful and very enthusiastic with everything I asked" Phyllis Court Club,

Oxfordshire - 17th Dec 2016


"Everyone really enjoyed it, even more than the panto in the Grand Theatre Swansea" Waunarlwydd Community Centre,

Swansea - 16th Dec 2016


"It was a really good performance and I give it 10 out of 10" Mayflower Primary School, Essex - 16th Dec 2016


"The children had great fun" Aylward 1st Middle School, Middlesex - 16th Dec 2016


"It was fab!" Ferham Primary School, Rotherham - 16th Dec 2016


"Really funny" Lorenden Prep School, Kent - 15th Dec 2016


"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the children thought it was lots of fun.  A great start to our Christmas holiday. 

Thank you" William Stockton Primary School, Cheshire - 15th Dec 2016


"It was very engaging" St. Helen Auckland Primary School, Co. Durham - 15th Dec 2016


"Fantastic interaction with the children" Princefield 1st School, Stafford - 15th Dec 2016


"The children loved it, they wanted to watch it again" Holy Rood Catholic Primary School, Watford - 15th Dec 2016


"Good Fun" Allhallows Primary Academy, Kent - 14th Dec 2016


"Adults felt it was just right for our youngest children, they loved it!" Barwell Infants School, Leicester - 13th Dec 2016


"Children said they liked 'Betty Banana' and it was very funny" Benfield Primary School, Co. Durham - 13th Dec 2016


"The Adults agreed it was well suited to the age group that watched the show (4-6) and it wasn't too scary" Frithwood

Primary School, Middlesex - 12th Dec 2016


"A teacher said her class had enjoyed it immensely" Greenfields Com.Primary School, Newcastle - 12th Dec 2016


"Everyone really enjoyed the performance, very professional and funny" Searle Sp & So. Club, Northumberland - 11th Dec 2016


"I am writing to say a BIG thank you to you and in particular the Actors who put on our show on Sunday, they were a credit

to your company and went above and beyond to entertain us all" Holland Sports Club, Staffordshire - 11th Dec 2016


"Very enjoyable" Reynalds Cross School, Solihull - 10th Dec 2016


"The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show" 4 Armd Med Regt, Aldershot - 10th Dec 2016


"Lots of fun" Riverside Primary School, Hertfordshire - 9th Dec 2016


"We thought it was pitched just right for the age range and length of show was exactly right" Husthwaite Primary School, York

- 9th Dec 2016


"The children loved that there was a bad guy and a good guy and it all worked out in the end" Prince Bishops C.P. School,

Co. Durham - 9th Dec 2016


"The children thought it was funny and hilarious and 'the best' " Mission Grove Primary School (East), London - 6th Dec 2016


"Thank you so much for your amazing performance, all of the children have given great feedback and thoroughly enjoyed the

performance!" Knighton Church in Wales Primary School, Powys - 6th Dec 2016


"All the children enjoyed joining in with the performance and the staff did too" Horwich Parish CofE Primary School, Bolton

- 6th Dec 2016


"Great interative show" Wallsend Jubilee Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 5th Dec 2016


"Lots of children spent the rest of the day talking about Betty Banana.  The PTA loved seeing all the children's faces"

Swaffham VC Infant & Nursery School, Norfolk - 5th Dec 2016


"Well run, both by Chaplins and ourselves, great set up, everyone could see and hear the performance, there was a good

atmosphere" Spectrum Leisure Centre, Co. Durham - 3rd Dec 2016 


"The three Actors that carried out the performance were extremely friendly and professional.  They did a fantastic

performance and all 120 children were engaged and wanted to join in.  This is the best Pantomime myself and my colleagues

have watched in our School.  We highly recommend you.  Just fantastic!" Prince Albert Primary School, West Midlands

- 1st Dec 2016


"The staff commented on how good the Actors were and that all children enjoyed it" Abbey Hill Primary & Nursery School,

Nottingham - 30th Nov 2016


"The show was bright and had good pace. Lots of interaction, a simple story and very age appropriate" Edge Grove

Independent School, Hertfordshire - 30th Nov 2016


"The children enjoyed joining in with Betty Banana and acted it out during lunch time" Swing Gate First School & Nursery,

Berkhamstead - 30th Nov 2016


"All absolutely loved it" The Swaminarayan School, London - 29th Nov 2016


"Everyone enjoyed the songs and dancing and the look on the children's faces" Dalgarno Community Centre, London

- 27th Nov 2016


"It was brilliant, good to be able to attend a panto that wasn't out of their price range.  Excellent!" William Temple Village

Hall, Sheffield - 27th Nov 2016


"I would like to thank you for entertaining us on Saturday in the Children's out-patient department, all those who came

thoroughly enjoyed the panto.  Please pass our thanks on to the cast members who worked very hard and put such effort

and enthusiasm into their performance" Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital, Oxford - 26th Nov 2016


"Great performance, excellent, loved it!" Werneth Cricket Club, Oldham - 26th Nov 2016

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