Customer Reviews DICK WHITTINGTON  2012/2013 
Customer Reviews  THE MAGIC CASTLE  2012/13


"Parents commented that their family went to a panto at Bath Theatre Royal and actually preferred Chaplins Panto" Whitefields Spingfield Tyning Community Association, Somerset - 13th JAN 2013


"Brilliant show" St. Paulinus Parochial Hall, Dewsbury - 13th JAN 2013


"Excellent performance, thank you" Royston Royal British Legion Club, Hertfordshire - 13th JAN 2013


"Excellent panto" The Grange Suite at the Conservative Club, Monmouthshire - 12th JAN 2013


"The adults were really impressed, they enjoyed it as much as the children" Castlebar School, West Ealing - 11th JAN 2013


"Comments on the whole production were excellent" Halton Royal British Legion, Cheshire - 11th JAN 2013


"Best pantomime that the children had seen at a school. Better than ones we have been to in previous years"

St. Peter's C.E. Primary School, Accrington - 11th JAN 2013


"All children joined in well" Newlands Primary School, Normanton - 10th JAN 2013


"Better than the company last year, good entertainment" Winsor Primary School, Beckton - 9th JAN 2013


"Teachers all commented it was one of the best shows we have had at school"

Dinting C of E Primary School, Glossop - 8th JAN 2013


"Thoroughly enjoyed it" Medimmune, Cambridge - 6th JAN 2013


"Kids enjoyed it" Bramley Villagers Sports & Social Club, Leeds - 27th DEC 2012


"All comments were very complimentary. The actors were great - best production for a while!

BMS Group Ltd, London - 24th DEC 2012


"Most enjoyable" Blaenllechau Community Involvement Group, Ferndale - 23rd DEC 2012


"Very well received, excellent feedback" Great Berry Residents Association, Langdon Hills - 23rd DEC 2012


"Very colourful, lots of fun" Harwich & Parkstone F.C. Essex - 22nd DEC 2012


"We thought it was brilliant" Dickerage Playgroup, Surrey - 22nd DEC 2012


"Great atmosphere around panto" David Lloyd Leisure, Hull - 22nd DEC 2012


"Thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and songs/actions for the children"

Arnold View Primary School, Nottingham - 21st DEC 2012


"Staff commented on how engaged the children were - Excellent!"

Dulwich Village C of E Infant School, London - 21st DEC 2012


"Generally enjoyed it and felt it was very well aimed at the level of our pupils"

Tettenhall Wood School, Wolverhampton - 20th DEC 2012


"Adults commented on how much they enjoyed it" Blackwell First School, Bromsgrove - 20th DEC 2012


"Very enjoyable" St. Paul's C of E Primary School, Gloucester - 20th DEC 2012


"The children were really encouraged to join in" Parkfields Middle School, Toddington - 20th DEC 2012


"It was well structed, well practised and aimed appropriately at primary audiences"

St. Helen Auckland Primary School, Co. Durham - 20th DEC 2012


"Very good - one of the best Christmas shows" Broadwaters Inclusive Learning Community, Tottenham - 19th DEC 2012


"Thought it was very good and everybody enjoyed it" Dartford W.M.C. Kent - 19th DEC 2012


"Repeatitive phrases were catchy" Whitefield Infants School, Uxbridge - 19th DEC 2012


"Lots of fun, very colourful, value for money" Whale Hill Primary School, Middlesborough - 18th DEC 2012


"Very enjoyable and aimed well at the age of the children" Gosbecks Primary School, Colchester - 18th DEC 2012


"All adults said it was really good and they enjoyed it, infact, several said it was the best one yet!"

William Hulme's Grammar School, Manchester - 18th DEC 2012


"A fun performance with plenty of interaction" Riverside Primary School, Hereford - 17th DEC 2012


"Even better than last years!" Kingfisher Primary School, Kent - 17th DEC 2012


"The children enjoyed the show" Alcoa Europe, Birmingham - 16th DEC 2012


"We received several complimentary emails from parents saying how well it was put together and that their children had a great time" NAPP Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge - 16th DEC 2012


"Brilliant afternoon" Pocklington United Services, Pocklington - 16th DEC 2012


"All feedback from adults were good comments" Fisher Clinical Services UK Ltd, Horsham - 15th DEC 2012


"Parents commented on how good the performance was and how up to date it was with songs and humour - it kept the children quiet and entertained" Thermofisher Scientific Social Club, Basingstoke - 15th DEC 2012


"So much fun, brilliant show, great entertainment" The Wilbraham Club, Preston - 15th DEC 2012


"Very professional" Guiseley & District Factory Workers Club, Leeds - 15th DEC 2012


"Professional, personal, fun and entertaining" Sturton le Steeple C of E Primary School, Retford - 14th DEC 2012


"All children thoroughly enjoyed the performance. They were all engaged, having fun and were extremely entertained"

Glan Usk Primary School, Newport - 14th DEC 2012


"Our children were noisy when joining in! A very enjoyable experience"

St Peter's Primary School, Gloucestershire - 14th DEC 2012


"Really enjoyable" Lorenden Prep School, Favesham - 14th DEC 2012


"Lots of participation with the children!" St. Teresa Catholic Primary School, Colchester - 14th DEC 2012


"Excellent acting and very interactive - the children loved it!" Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Kent - 13th DEC 2012


"All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance" Bennerleyfields Special College, Ilkeston - 13th DEC 2012


"The panto was well paced and pitched correctly for KS1" Bromet School, Watford - 13th DEC 2012


"Great fun" St. Thomas More School, Saffron Walden - 13th DEC 2012


"Staff commented on how much themselves and the children enjoyed it and how well the actors had the children's participation" Derwendeg Primary School, Mid Glamorgan - 12th DEC 2012


"Actors kept the children's attention really well" Broadfields Primary School, Edgware - 12th DEC 2012


"Just right for our special needs primary children" Addington School, Woodley - 12th DEC 2012


"We would like to thank you for the performance you put on, the children and the families really enjoyed it and the comments afterwards confirmed this. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful show and the interaction with the children" The Fordbridge Centre, Birmingham - 12th DEC 2012 


"Very enjoyable" St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Knaresbrough - 12th DEC 2012


"The production and actors fully engaged the whole audience. The quality of acting and interaction was excellent as usual" Whitchurch Infant & Nursery School, Shropshire - 13th DEC 2012


"The staging was excellent and the actors were enthusiastic" Kiltonthorpe Special School, Cleveland - 11th DEC 2012


"It was a funny and interesting panto with modern elements" The Meads Primary School, Luton - 11th DEC 2012


"Really good show" St. John's Hall, Corringham - 11th DEC 2012


"A brilliant show, the best show we've had for a long time, the pupils loved it!" 

Kingsdown School, Southend on Sea - 11th DEC 2012


"Positive panto experience for the chidlren. Not as 'cringy' as some we have had - No 'dragging up' staff to take part, which was good" Blackheath Primary School, Rowley Regis - 10th DEC 2012


"Adults commented on how good the panto was and how much the children enjoyed it. The children still had the songs in their head days after!" Victory Housing Trust, Norfolk - 9th DEC 2012


"Very, very good and we would like one again" BBOB Rugby Club, Northampton - 9th DEC 2012


"Really funny and well performed by only 3 actors" Birmingham City F.C. Birmingham - 9th DEC 2012


"Great day to keep children entertained" The Disney Store, Lutterworth - 9th DEC 2012


"Parents thought it was very good and thought it got all the children involved" AETC Ltd, Leeds - 8th DEC 2012


"Kids loved it, actors were great" Skype, London - 8th DEC 2012


"Very good show, kids loved it" The Merthyr Vale Ex/Servicemans Club, Merthyr Tydfil - 8th DEC 2012


"Please pass on my thanks to the panto crew for a great show" Aero Engine Controls, Birmingham - 8th DEC 2012


"Overall, excellent!" The Grove School, Surrey - 7th DEC 2012


"The children enjoyed it and it was age appropriate" Merrylands Primary School - 7th DEC 2012


"We felt it was presented to a high standard" Coleshill Heath School, Birmingham - 7th DEC 2012


"Suitable for all ages, very captivating. The team were fantastic, yet again! They set up in our hall without any fuss and were respectful and chatty with both staff and children" Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School, Birmingham - 6th DEC 2012


"The children were completely absorbed - they loved it" Edward Francis Primary School, Rayleigh - 6th DEC 2012


"Lively performance and fully entertained the pupils" Ysgol y Gogarth School, Conwy - 6th DEC 2012


"Loved it!" Ouston Infant School, Co. Durham - 6th DEC 2012


"Excellent costumes and interaction with the audience" Fort Royal Primary School, Worcester - 5th DEC 2012


"We all thought it was a fabulous performance, the children were really engaged. They talked about the panto very enthusiastically after the show" Vallis First School, Somerset - 5th DEC 2012


"As a whole - Excellent" Trinity Fields School & Resource Centre, South Wales - 4th DEC 2012


"Best panto we have ever had!" St. Francis de Sales School, Tottenham - 3rd DEC 2012


"A great way to relax and enjoy a well earned respite during a very hectic term"

Chirstopher Rawlings C.E. Primary School, Oxon - 3rd DEC 2012


"A really fun show, we will see you again next year!" St. Monica's Primary School, Liverpool - 3rd DEC 2012


"Excellent" Marston's PLC, Wolverhampton - 2nd DEC 2012


"Chaplins Mini Panto was again a great success. I can't praise the team who came here enough. Everyone said it was fabulous" Motorola, Basingstoke - 2nd DEC 2012


"Thank you for yet another fabulous show, our children had a great time"

Dawdon Toddlers Group, Co. Durham - 2nd DEC 2012


"All comments were positive" Whitecroft Lighting Ltd. Lancashire - 1st DEC 2012


"Thought it was excellent, the actors were friendly and engaged well with the children"

Procter & Gamble Ttechnical Central Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne - 1st DEC 2012


"Excellent panto" Marston's PLC, Wolverhampton - 1st DEC 2012


"Brilliant panto, brilliant childrens Christmas party" Johnson Control Automative Ltd. Staffordshire - 1st  DEC 2012


"The performance kept the children entertained for the entire show" Welfare Club, Pontypridd - 1st DEC 2012


"Staff were impressed with the props and the back drops" Intack Primary School, Blackburn - 29th NOV 2012


"Very well presented and good jokes" Benchill Primary School, Manchester - 26th NOV 2012


"A very good show" Ighten Leigh Social Club, Burnley - 25th NOV 2012


"Thank you for providing another excellent pantomime. This event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a big success" Honor Oak Community Centre, Lewisham - 24th NOV 2012



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