*    Customer Reviews  THE MAGIC CASTLE  2012/13





Customer Reviews  DICK WHITTINGTON  2012/13


"Amazing, great, wonderful" Bournemouth Pier Theatre, Bournemouth -  20th JAN 2013


"Absolutely brilliant! Performance was pitched at the right level for our aged children; very enjoyable, the children loved it! " Pocklington CE Infant School, York - 18th JAN 2013


"Great interaction and children felt involved" Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Coventry - 17th JAN 2013


"Fab!" Chawson Community First School, Worcestershire - 16th JAN 2013


"Very enjoyable show" New stevenston Primary School, Motherwell - 16th JAN 2013


"Best one we have ever had - Really funny" Clayton CofE Primary School, Bradford - 16th JAN 2013


"Very lively, funny and entertaining" Badgerbrook Primary School, Leicestershire - 15th JAN 2013


"Very good" Bournemouth Park Primary School, Southend on Sea - 15th JAN 2013


"It was lovely to see the children so involved" The Downs Primary School, Harlow - 14th JAN 2013


"Very professional" Tiverton Childrens Centre, Tiverton - 13th JAN 2013


"All of the adult's comments were extremly positive; all of the kids enjoyed it and really got into the spirit"

Shell Technology, Cheshire - 13th JAN 2013


"Just a thank you to say, my children just watched Dick Whittington and loved it. My son sat still and watched it all. We loved the show, thanks again" London Colney Parish Council, St. Albans - 13th JAN 2013


"Excellent, professional perfomance, great fun!" Wesleyan Assurance Society, Birmingham - 12th JAN 2013


"Very good performance" Friends of St. Peters, Hatfield - 12th JAN 2013


"Absolutely fantastic, Idle Jack was fabulous - Best show to date (even topped last year)"

St. Joseph Infant School, Luton - 11th JAN 2013 


"The adults present thought the show was very enjoyable and entertaining"

West Boldon Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 11th JAN 2013


"Very entertaining and the children loved it" Hill View Infant School, Sunderland - 11th JAN 2013


"The adults present were impressed at how quickly the actors engaged the children, they found the performance very funny" Minster-in-sheppey CP School, Kent - 10th JAN 2013


"Staff thought the performance was excellent" Hatchford Brook Junior and Infant School, Solihull - 10th JAN 2013


"An extremely professional show, which thoroughly entertained and engaged all children"

Mill Hill Primary School, Sunderland - 10th January 2013


"It was so much fun, you should have seen the adults faces" Thurnby Lodge Primary School, Leicestershire - 9th JAN 2013


"Thank you for an excellent show, our pupils loved it! Full of energy, laughter and jokes, the adults enjoyed it too. Loved the references to things children currently like e.g pop songs. Great start to our new term"

Bournmoor Primary School, Houghton le Spring - 9th JAN 2013


"Humour was good for adults and children - cast interacted with all well"

Stubbings Primary School, Lancashire - 9th JAN 2013


"A good company to deal with - colourful, well presented, professional. All of the children enjoyed it from our year 5 feeder schools and year 7 in Red House Academy. As good as going to the theatre"

Red House Academy, Sunderland - 9th JAN 2013


"All of the adults present, commented on how good the performance was" Keighley Liberal Club, Bradford - 9th JAN 2013


"The cast got all of the children involved; great level of participation - adults commented on how much the children laughed" St. Chads C.E. Primary School, Leeds - 9th JAN 2013


"Actors were fantastic, especially Dick and the Dame, Sarah - even better than last year, which was extremely good also" Meadow Primary School, Cambridge - 8th JAN 2013


"Staff commented that it was really good - even better than last year" Bedwell Primary School, Herts - 8th JAN 2013


"Really good, children loved it - Pitched just right" Leadgate Infant & Nursery School, Co. Durham - 8th JAN 2013


"Adults thought the production was good and amazed at how well the children joined in and weren't 'worried' by the performance" Westroyd Infant School, Yorkshire - 7th JAN 2013


"All thought it was excellent" Bowers United Sports and Social Club, Pitsea - 6th JAN 2013


"Parents and adults present, thought that it was a very good performance and the children really like to get involved" R.A.O.B. Club, Scunthorpe - 6th JAN 2013


"It was good to have a lot of audience participation, which the children obviously enjoyed"

Wigmore & District Smallholders Club, Kent - 5th JAN 2013


"All very much enjoyed the show" The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, Berkshire - 4th JAN 2013


"Please could you thank the actors who, as always, gave an excellent performance which was enjoyed by children and adults alike" Coton & Hopwas Social Club, Staffordshire - 4th JAN 2013


"The cast were brilliant with the children and all the adults will be booking next year. Our children are autistic and the cast were very aware and patient with them" Hull & East Riding Branch of NAS, Hull - 2nd JAN 2013


"Thoroughly enjoyed it" The Wisbech St. Marys Sports & Community Centre, Cambridgeshire - 30th DEC 2012


"This should be an annual community event" Yew Tree Community Centre, Walsall - 29th DEC 2012


"We had a really good time, can't wait till next year" Gilfach W.M.C. Mid Glamorgan - 29th DEC 2012


"Absolutely brilliant, great interaction with the children shouting e.g. 'Behind you' etc"

Greenock Rangers Supporters Club, Inverclyde - 28th DEC 2012


"All enjoyed the evening" Spiceball Leisure Centre, Oxon - 28th DEC 2012


"Very professional" Sanofi Aventis, Dagenham - 27th DEC 2012


"Parents thought that the actors kept the children occupied throughout the show and involved them"

Abertysswg WMC, Tredegar, Gwent - 27th DEC 2012


"The adults present considered it to be the best panto we have had"

Bainfield Bowling & Social Club, Edinburgh - 27th DEC 2012


"Very good entertainment" Beazley, London - 24th DEC 2012


"Very professional and good variety of entertainment" Miller Insurance Services LLP, London - 24th DEC 2012


"All good comments from members" Heanor Miners Welfare, Derbyshire - 23rd DEC 2012


"Our pantomime performances really set the scene for Christmas and the hotel was a buzz with excited young children. Many had seen other pantos this season, but voted this as the best yet! We have been working with Chaplins for four years, they know how to get the best out of our venue and they really know how to draw their audience into production. Judging by the loudness of the screams and laughter, they certainly hit the right notes with our guests" 

The Lodore Falls Hotel, Cumbria - 23rd DEC 2012


"Very good" Bathgate Gold Club, Edinburgh - 23rd DEC 2012


"Entertaining - Great to see the interaction between the cast and the audience"

Congresbury Memorial Hall, Bristol - 22nd DEC 2012


"Adults commented on how professional the show was" The War Memorial Club, Sidmouth - 22nd DEC 2012


"I had someone say 'Excellent' as they left and overheard other positive comments"

Mumford Theatre, Cambridge - 22nd DEC 2012


"Lots of praise was received, with people commenting on what a fantastic performance it was and asking for it again next Christmas" NEPHRA, Manchester - 22nd DEC 2012


"Very entertaining" Hardwick Social Club, Stockton on Tees - 22nd DEC 2012


"It was fantastic to have a professional panto on our doorstep" Culm Valley Childrens Centre, Devon - 21st DEC 2012


"Very good panto" Hemingford Grey Primary School, Huntingdon - 21st DEC 2012


"Everyone thought it to be excellent" Goffs Oak Comrades Club, Hertfordshire - 21st DEC 2012


"Good range of characters" Lent rise Combined School, Slough - 21st DEC 2012


"The actors adjusted their performance to suite the audience very well - very talented"

Blackburn Community Education Centre, Blackburn - 21st DEC 2012


"One teacher said it was the highlight of her year!" Prospect Vale Primary School, Stockport - 21st DEC 2012


"Staff thought it was excellent and even better than last year" Seton Primary School, Salturn by the Sea - 21st DEC 2012


"Well performed" Royal Oak Club, Milton Keynes - 21st DEC 2012


"Very good audience participation. The children really enjoyed it" Carlibar Primary School, East Renfrewshire - 21st DEC 2012


"Very professional, funny, superb" Porchester Junior School, Carlton - 21st DEC 2012


"Enjoyed very much" Guild Care, Worthing - 21st DEC 2012


"Fantastic entertainment! Super actors" Rumney Primary School, Cardiff - 20th DEC 2012


"Great fun!" Knowles Primary School, Milton Keynes - 20th DEC 2012


"Staff commented that they really enjoyed the fact that it was in our office"

Afinity Select Insurance Services, Uckfield - 20th DEC 2012


"The children really enjoyed it" St. John's Catholic Primary School, Horsham - 20th DEC 2012


 "Staff and children enjoyed the production" Woodchurch C of E Primary School, Wirral - 20th DEC 2012


"Thoroughly enjoyed" St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Wirral - 20th DEC 2012


"Great fun. Great way to end the term" Stamford Park Infants School, Cheshire - 20th DEC 2012


"An excellent performance - one of the best we have had from Chaplins"

St. Teresa's R.C. Primary School, Manchester - 20th DEC 2012


"The adults commented that the children enjoyed it and thought it was good fun"

Meadow Vale Primary School, Bracknell - 20th DEC 2012


"Best panto company ever" Carrickvale Community Education Centre, Edinburgh - 20th DEC 2012


"The best ever, even better than last year" St. Walburga's Catholic Primary School, Shipley - 20th DEC 2012


"Excellent all round" New Bewerley Community School, Leeds - 20th DEC 2012


"Once again everyone enjoyed the show immensely" Deer Park Primary School, Chesterfield - 20th DEC 2012


"Actors were very child friendly" David Lloyd, Newcastle - 19th DEC 2012


"Wow - what a success last night was, both children and adults enjoyed immensley, personally I had tears rolling down my face, tears of laughter that is! The cast did a sterling job under difficult circumstances, as the children got terribly over excited and perhaps a little too much audience participation took place" C & W Berry Ltd, Lancashire - 19th DEC 2012


"It was very good" Warrender School, Ruislip - 19th DEC 2012


"To say it was good is an understatement!! It was amazing, the children and staff had so much fun watching it. Everything about the company is just so professional, from the colourful backdrop, costumes and of course actors"

Strike Lane Primary School, Freckleton - 19th DEC 2012


"Hope this will be an ongoing event in the community - all thoroughly enjoyed the production"

Parsons Cross Forum, Sheffield - 19th DEC 2012


"Fantastic, very funny" Jerome Primary School, Cannock - 19th DEC 2012


"We thought the actors improvised brilliantly with our children who were pretty interactive this year!"

Haseltine School, London - 19th DEC 2012


"Extremely funny, jokes for every member of the audience. Great opporunity for participation"

Bournville Primary School, Weston Super Mare - 19th DEC 2012


"It was fun, the show was very engaging" Napier Primary School, Kent - 18th DEC 2012


"This is the best show that has been held in the social club in Greengairs" Greengairs Social Club, Aydrie - 18th DEC 2012


"Current and amazing" LexisNexis, London - 18th DEC 2012


"Children enjoyed it more than the panto at Windsor Theatre!" Abbotts Laboratories Ltd, Maidenhead - 18th DEC 2012


"Staff commented that they enjoyed it very much" Atkinson Road Primary Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne - 17th DEC 2012


"The actors were extremely well received when they first appeared on stage. Children and adults both really got into the spirit of things and most importantly, an excellent time was had by all" Downham Community Centre, Kent - 17th DEC 2012


"Great acting, very enthusiastic" St. Jame's C of E Primary School, Blackburn - 17th DEC 2012


"Very good interaction with pupils" Christchurch C of E Primary School, Surrey - 17th DEC 2012


"All were impressed and though some had said they did not like pantomime, they changed their mind after watching the show" Savile Park School, Halifax - 17th DEC 2012


"High quality - great fun" Coteford Junior School, Eastcote - 17th DEC 2012


"All enjoyed!" Billing Brook Primary School, Northampton - 17th DEC 2012


"Very professional show" Tadcaster Magnets Sports & Social Club, North Yorkshire - 16th DEC 2012


"Adults present said it was excellent" Bedale Riverside Club, North Yorkshire - 16th DEC 2012


"Fantastic - All the kids and parents had a great day" Winston Coservative Club, Manchester - 16th DEC 2012


"Very enjoyable for young and old! Excellent" Jaywick Community Resource Centre, Clacton on Sea - 16th DEC 2012


"Excellent" The London Gold Club, Kent - 16th DEC 2012


"Very professional and mainly, much better than we expected" J.W. Lees & Co. Brewers Ltd, Manchester - 15th DEC 2012


"All comments were positive" Famco Limited, Worksop - 15th DEC 2012


"Good performance" Botcherby Community Centre, Cumbria - 15th DEC 2012


"Impressed how the actors included the children" Sheldon Heath Social Club & Inst. Ltd Birmingham - 15th DEC 2012


"Superb, the best ever, very professional" Warsop Ex/Servicemans Club, Mansfield - 15th DEC 2012


"All agreed it was very enjoyable" Huntington W.M.C., York - 15th DEC 2012


"The children loved it" Brakes Food, Tamworth - 15th DEC 2012


"Parents commented on how professional it all was" Christ Church, Upper Norwood - 15th DEC 2012


"A great afternoon of enjoyment" Pencoed Welfare Hall, Mid Glamorgan - 15th DEC 2012


"Staff commented that it was the best panto they had seen in school"

St. Mary's R.C. Primary School, Eltham - 14th DEC 2012


"Excellent, children loved it!" Merrylands Primary School, Basildon - 14th DEC 2012


"Great fun" Maesteg Town Hall Ltd, Mid Glamorgan - 14th DEC 2012


"Everyone said it was excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed it" Pontarddulais Town Council, Swansea - 14th DEC 2012


"As good as any performances we have seen in Notts or Mansfield Theatre!!" Post Mill Centre, Derbyshire - 14th DEC 2012


"Very good and very funny" Snape Wood Primary School, Bulwell - 14th DEC 2012


"Wonderful" Hunslet Carr Primary School, Leeds - 14th DEC 2012


"What a fantastic production, such a professional team! Every child and member of staff in school enjoyed every minute of the show" Holy Trinity School, Shropshire - 14th DEC 2012


"Fantastic - best show seen for a long time. It was most enjoyable, happy and a wonderful performance of Dick Whittington. The massive interaction with the children and letting them nearly 'run the show' was fantastic. Their happy happy faces after the performance was great" Patrington Haven Leisure Park, East Yorks - 14th DEC 2012


"All staff enjoyed the show and were keen to book again" Longniddry Primary School, East Lothian - 14th DEC 2012


"All were very pleased"  Wickham Court School, Kent - 14th  DEC 2012


"Staff and Children commented on how enjoyable it was" St. Giles C of E Primary School, South Mimms - 14th DEC 2012


"Even better than last year" Albrighton Community Centre, London - 14th DEC 2012


"Even better than last year and that was great" St. Saviours RC Primary School, Lewisham - 14th DEC 2012


"Good fun!" Tavistock & Summerhill Prep School, Haywards Heath - 13th DEC 2012


"Loved the humour and involving the children" The Meads Primary School, Luton - 13th DEC 2012


"Excellent value for money" St. Athan Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan - 13th DEC 2012


"What a fun-filled afternoon we had at Kilcreggan Primary School. Chaplins Panto visited our school and gave a wonderful performance of Dick Whittington. Pupils, staff and parents were literally rolling in the aisles! Our school hall was 'magically' transformed into a pantomime theatre and filled with music, jokes and top-class entertainment. We just didn't want it to end!" Kilcreggan Primary School, Helensburgh - 13th  DEC 2012


"The children were engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed themselves"

Longlevens Infants School, Gloucester - 13th DEC 2012


"Good fun and great characters" Bromet Primary School, Watford - 13th DEC 2012


"Even better actors and costumes than last year" Warren Junior School, Romford - 13th DEC 2012


"Just the right level of humour and language" St. Peters C of E Primary School, Kent - 12th DEC 2012


"General consensus was it was brilliant - very interactive and entertaining"

Brackensale Junior School, Derbyshire - 12th DEC 2012


"Happy to see the children having fun!" St. Johns Junior and Infant School, Huddersfield - 12th DEC 2012


"The adults enjoyed the show and the humour - the younger children loved the show"

Lady Royd Prep School, Bradford - 12th DEC 2012


"Best panto for a long time - everyone really enjoyed it" Westering Primary School, Hockley - 12th DEC 2012


"The actors were very enthusiastic" Heathfield House School, Chiswick - 12th DEC 2012


"Best panto so far" West View Primary School, Hartlepool - 12th DEC 2012


"It was fabulous" St. Chads RC Primary School, Manchester - 12th DEC 2012


"Best one so far" St. Joseph and St. Bede Primary School, Lancashire - 12th DEC 2012


"Bright, colourful show and great they worked with some of the challenging students"

Esher C of E High School, Surrey - 12th DEC 2012


"Actors were enthusiastic, they encouraged all children to join in. There wasn't a dull moment! Always something happening or something for the children to look at. The actors had a great rapport with the children and adults"

Globe Primary School, Bethnal Green - 12th DEC 2012


"Very good production - well suited to all the children from nursery to year 6. Kept us all amused" 

Wood End Primary School, Warwickshire - 11th DEC 2012


"A brilliant panto. Much better aimed at 10 year old children, will book again!"

Mary Erskine & Stewart's Melville Junior School, Edinburgh - 11th DEC 2012


"We would like to thank the cast for a fanstatic show. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and have been asking what it will be next year! Our students have special educational needs and the cast accounted for this. A very professionl show" Abbey Hill School, Stockon on Tees - 11th DEC 2012


"One teacher who has sat through many pantos said it was the best yet" Viking Primary School, Northolt - 11th DEC 2012


"The best pantomime ever seen at Lansdowne" Lansdowne Primary School, Kent - 11th DEC 2012


"The cast were energetic and enthusiastic" Firbeck Primary School, Nottingham - 10th DEC 2012


"Great show - well worth it!" Cams Lane Primary School, Radcliffe - 10th DEC 2012


"Super, great, fabulous, fantastic, superb" Choppington Social Welfare Centre, Nothumberland - 9th DEC 2012


"I just want to say thank you to the team who came and did the panto on Sunday, it went down very well and everyone had a good time" DFDS Seaways, Newwcastle upon Tyne - 9th DEC 2012


"Very good - children loved it" Rolls Royce Leisure, Lancashire - 9th DEC 2012


"Had many positive comments from happy parents" Bearwood Lakes Golf Club, Wokingham - 9th DEC 2012


"The adults got enjoyment watching the kids enjoy it" Barking Indoor Bowls Club, Essex - 9th DEC 2012


"Parents thought the panto was really good and would go again" Didcot Conservative Club, Oxon - 9th DEC 2012


"Excellent feedback from all who attended" RAF Honighton, Suffolk - 9th DEC 2012


"Very good" MacDermid Autotype Ltd, Oxon - 9th DEC 2012


"A very polished and professional show, with fantastic costumes and props, giving the children lots of fun and enjoyment. An excellent show, thoroughly enjoyed by all, both adults and children" Maidstone W.M.C., Kent - 8th DEC 2012


"All felt the pantomime was excellent" Quinn Radiators, Gwent - 8th DEC 2012


"Great fun, really enjoyed the whole afternoon" University of West of England, Bristol - 8th DEC 2012


"Good introduction to panto for the very little ones" D.C. Leisure Ltd, Chippenham - 8th DEC 2012


"Very good, good fun and interaction. Funny, with good acting" York Health Trust, York - 8th DEC 2012


"The adults present enjoyed seeing the children getting so involved" Swalwell Community Centre, Tyne & Wear - 7th DEC 2012


"The actors were very good with engaging the children" St. Roberts RC 1st School, Northumberland - 7th DEC 2012


"Excellent production as usual, lovely costumes" Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester - 7th DEC 2012


"It was great to see our pupils behaving like children and forgetting to be cool" Lakeside School, Hampshire - 7th DEC 2012


"Amazing, funny and professional. All the children were engaged for the entire performance"

Raglan Primary School, Kent - 7th DEC 2012


"The characters really gripped the childrens attention" Airborne Systems Ltd, Bridgened - 7th DEC 2012


"Staff thought it was a very professional performance" Llangattock Primary School, Powys - 7th DEC 2012


"Loved the interactive nature" The Linnet Independent Learning Centre, South Derbyshire - 7th DEC 2012


"All agreed that the show was well done and were impressed at how it was pitched to pupils and their different ages" South Lee School, Suffolk - 7th DEC 2012


"Excellent production" GKN Aerospace, Luton - 7th DEC 2012


"All enjoyed the additional comedy input i.e. the chicken was very funny"

St. Matthew's C.E. Primary School, Stockport - 6th DEC 2012


"Good quality set/storyline and great audience participation" Stalyhill Junior School, Manchester - 6th DEC 2012


"Very entertaining" Chyngton School, East Sussex - 6th DEC 2012


"Chaplins kept the pupils well entertained and every pupil enjoyed themselves" New North Academy, Islington - 6th DEC 2012


"New and improved set" Lyndon Green Junior School, Birmingham - 6th DEC 2012


"Everyone really enjoyed it, thank you for a really good, funny and wonderful performance"

Sherwood Junior School, Mansfield - 6th DEC 2012


"Staff commented on how involved the audience were" Langley Mill Junior School, Nottingham - 6th DEC 2012


"Brilliant show" The Larkfield Centre, Glasgow - 6th DEC 2012


"All children were engaged and really enjoyed the show" St. Mary's RC Primary School, West Lothian - 6th DEC 2012


"Best panto we have had" St. Francis de Sales Junior School, Tottenham - 6th DEC 2012


"We all thought it was better than going to a pantomime at a Theatre" Dove First School, Staffordshire - 5th DEC 2012


"Lots of positive comments about how it was nice to see the whole school laughing together"

Holy Rosary & St. Anne's CP School, Leeds - 5th DEC 2012


"Well pitched for infant children" Knowles Hill Infant/ Nursery School, Dewsbury - 5th DEC 2012


"All said they enjoyed it very much" Kelty Ex/Servicemans Club, Fife - 5th DEC 2012


"A well presented, fun production" St. Mary's Infant School, Kelvedon - 5th DEC 2012


"A very professional production" Templars Infant School, Witham - 5th DEC 2012


"Very enjoyable" Oxclose Village Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 5th DEC 2012


"We enjoyed the traditional panto" St. Thomas A Beckett Junior School, Eastbourne - 5th DEC 2012


"Highly enjoyable and very professional" Tonyrefail Primary School, Porth - 5th DEC 2012


"Loved it, very funny" Cotton End Lower School, Bedford - 4th DEC 2012


"Thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between the cast and the students" Hertford Regional College, Ware - 4th DEC 2012


"Staff thought it was excellent and said how well engaged the children were"

Thackley Primary School, Bradford - 4th DEC 2012


"It was the best yet" Manea Community Primary School, Cambridgeshire - 3rd DEC 2012


"Everyone thought it was great" Tesco Extra, Dundee - 2nd DEC 2012


"Adults present were very complimentary - several have taken your details for further bookings"

Manchester Fire Services, Swinton - 2nd DEC 2012


"Actors were exceptionally good, everyone really enjoyed it" Intel Sports and Social Club, Swindon - 2nd DEC 2012


"Fantastic performance. Great idea to have instore, loved the kids participation" Tesco, Hemel Hempstead - 2nd DEC 2012


"All thought very good and entertaining" U.T.C. Aerospace Systems, Birmingham - 2nd DEC 2012


"A lot of the adults were impressed by the show and will definitely got to see another one"

Charter Club, North Humberside - 1st DEC 2012


"The adults were really happy as the children all enjoyed themselves and it was an excellent performance"

Liston Green Tenants & Residents Association, London - 1st DEC 2012


"It was great how the cast involved everybody" Whitemoss Club for Young People, Manchester - 1st DEC 2012


"Brilliant production, actors were very child friendly, thoroughly entertaining" St. Nicholas Church, London - 1st DEC 2012


"Parents pleased their children had a good time" The Q Club, Gloucester - 1st DEC 2012


"Even better than last year, the children really enjoyed it" Lionel Primary School, Brentford - 30th NOV 2012


"Best script and performance we have seen, we had a slightly shorter show which worked better"

Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading - 30th NOV 2012


"Staff were impressed with how the children stayed focused and were involved throughout!" 

Intack Primary School, Blackburn - 30th NOV 2012


"All of the actors were brilliant" St. Helen's R.C. Primary School, Westcliffe on Sea - 29th NOV 2012


"Thank you for an excellent performance by all of your actors. Your pantomime will be the only opportunity most of our children have to see any kind of Christmas show! We are a special needs school - your pantomime was loved by all - Brilliant!" Pendle Community High School and College, Lancashire - 27th NOV 2012


"Wonderful - the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Fantastic way to start Christmas celebrations"

Swain House Primary School, Bradford - 26th NOV 2012


"Another great event and so well attended. The production was excellent and very much enjoyed by us all"

George Davies Solicitors, Manchester - 25th NOV 2012


"Thank you for the absolutely brilliant panto, dare I say the best yet!! The children had so much fun and are still talking about the show.The cast were so friendly, organised and of course talented"

LSQ Dance Academy, Liverpool - 24th NOV 2012


"Very enjoyable and entertaining, one of the best pantos we have ever been to"

Stockeld Park, Yorkshire - 24th NOV 2012




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