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Customer Reviews

"It was lots of fun, thoroughly enjoyed" - Sully Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan - 6th Dec 2019

"The Adults said it was fantastic and the Children obviously loved it!" - Chandler Ford, London - 8th Dec 2019

"The cast were fabulous" - Forest of Dean Gym & Fitness, Gloucester - 8th Dec 2019

"Everyone loved it, the actors were fantastic.  Great to see unwell children laugh" - Heartlands Hospital Charity, Birmingham - 8th Dec 2019

"The children absolutely loved it!" - Louth Town & Country Club, Lincolnshire - 8th Dec 2019

"One of our children said it was the best day of their life!" - Hillshott Infant School & Nursery, Hertfordshire - 9th Dec 2019

"All the children were very engaged, all ages enjoyed it" - William Hulme's Grammar School, Manchester - 9th Dec 2019

"Parents thought it was a lovely idea of the panto coming to us, it was very funny" - Clever Clogs Day Nurseries, Durham - 10th Dec 2019

"We can't wait until next year" - Jump Evolution Trampoline Park, Essex - 10th Dec 2019

"A fun, interactive and engaging show that had the children hooked from the beginning" - St. Michaels CE Academy, Wakefield - 10th Dec 2019

"It was funny, interactive and exciting" - Church Eaton Primary School, Stafford - 13th Dec 2019

"Children liked the typical panto scenes e.g. 'its' behind you' they also loved the cat" - Ravenswood School, Bristol - 13th Dec 2019

"I was amazed that 3 people did such an amazing job with all of the characters!" - St. Mary's RC Primary School, County Durham - 13th Dec 2019

"Absolutely brilliant"  "Fantastic" "A great time had by all" - ELCAP, Tyne & wear - 14th Dec 2019

"Our children found it very funny" - Bournemouth Park Academy, Essex - 17th Dec 2019

"Wow" "Fabulous costumes" - Ferham Primary School, Rotherham - 18th Dec 2019

"It helped take their minds off the fact that they weren't at home and had to stay in hospital" Ronald MacDonald House , Manchester - 24th Nov 2019

"Absolutely hilarious"  "Amazing"  "Extra- ordinary"  "Ridiculously funny"- Ravenswood C.P. School, Suffolk - 28th Nov 2019

"It was fantastic and it made us laugh, the actors kept the children engaged throughout the show" - Vale View Primary School, Stockport - 29th Nov 2019

"A Great show, everyone enjoyed the singing and shouting!" - Procter & Gamble Technical Centres Ltd, Newcastle - 30th Nov 2019

"Excellent performance, the event was a big success! The Children loved it" TWI Ltd, Cambridgeshire - 30th Nov 2019

"Great engaging fun" - Lancing Parish Hall, West Sussex - 1st Dec 2019

"Our Staff commented on how well the actors adapted the show for the age of our children" - Abbey Hill Primary & Nursery School, Nottingham - 3rd Dec 2019

"A very professional production, it was excellent with minimum fuss setting up and clearing away. Good involvement and interaction with our pupils" - Stretton Handley CofE Primary School, Derbyshire - 3rd Dec 2019

"Great show, Thank you!" - Woodside Com School & Children’s Centre, Dudley - 3rd Dec 2019

"The panto was brilliant and noisy as ever!" - Great Casterton CE Primary School, Lincolnshire - 4th Dec 2019

"There was a good amount of interaction with children" - Spring Common Academy, Cambridgeshire - 4th Dec 2019

"All our children loved the panto!  An amazing involvement with children, we could hear them cheering from the office!!" - Holy Cross Primary School, Bristol - 5th Dec 2019

"Can we have the Panto again tomorrow, it was brilliant" - St. John's C of E Infant School, Surrey - 5th Dec 2019

"Really good fun, a great start to the festive season" - Lakeside School, Eastleigh - 6th Dec 2019 

"That was the best thing ever" - St. Peter's Catholic Primary School, South Yorkshire - 6th Dec 2019

 "The actors were particularly good with our pupils with special needs"  - Collingwood Primary School, Chelmsford - 19th Dec 2019

"They were wicked - in a good way!" - Hatherley Infant School, Gloucester - 19th Dec 2019

"The show was funny with good songs" - St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, North Yorks - 19th Dec 2019

"One parent wrote on our school twitter account that their children had enjoyed it and came home all excited!" - Benfield Primary School, Co Durham - 20th Dec 2019

"Very funny and interactive" - Lydgate Primary School, West Yorks - 20th Dec 2019

"The best Yet.  Unanimously commented by all staff and older pupils - excellent" - Westfield Infants School, Chesterfield - 20th Dec 2019

"We loved the opportunity to be able to watch a panto, not many in our community get a chance to do so" - Northam Community Link, Southampton - 21st Dec 2019


"Everyone said it was brilliant!" - Smithwood Community & Social Club, Birmingham - 21st Dec 2019

"An excellent performance" - Wetherby Sports Association, Leeds - 21st Dec 2019

"Fun for all family, great to see everyone laughing" - Birmingham City Football Club, Birmingham - 22nd Dec 2019

"Great fun!" - Crow Nest Park Golf Club, Brighouse - 4th Jan 2020

"Kept the kids and adults entertained!" - Red Arrow Club, Kent - 4th Jan 2020

"Brilliant" - Edge Top W.M.C, Drewsbury - 6th Jan 2020

"Good to hear up to date songs, it was very funny and loud" - Beaudesert Lower School, Bedfordshire - 8th Jan 2020

"Thank you for another excellent panto" - Danegrove Primary School, London - 9th Jan 2020

"Lots of our children and staff commented about how much fun they had!"  - Quinton CP School, Birmingham - 9th Jan 2020

"Very fun!" "Enjoyable!" - Dawley Brook Primary School, West Midlands - 10th Jan 2020

"Very enjoyable, it was the right level for this age group" - Foremarke Hall Pre Prep, Derbyshire - 10th Jan 2020

The Children's Pantomime That Comes To You!

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