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More Customer Reviews 2023/24

More Customer Reviews - Aladdin 2022.23

Were any particular comments made by the children or adults present?.....

"Very professional - enjoyed by all", Handforth Town Council, Cheshire - 24th Nov 2023

"Absolutely fantastic - The children didn't even ask to go to the toilet'!!  Will definitely book again for next year", Chesterton Primary School, Gloucestershire - 30th Nov 2023

"Absolutely fantastic experience for the children", Shepeau Stow Primary School, Lincolnshire - 30th Nov 2023

"Lovely interaction with children and adults, and a friendly cast", Umbrella Derby & Derbyshire, Derbyshire - 30th Nov 2023

"Really enjoyed it.  Great fun", Old Hill Primary School, West Midlands - 1st Dec 2023

"This was one of the best pantomimes we had seen", East Tilbury Primary School, Essex - 1st Dec 2023

"They enjoyed it, engaging characters, captivated all the way.  Some had never seen a panto, loved joining in/interacting with the characters.  Everyone had a wonderful time", Sandbach Primary Academy, Cheshire - 1st Dec 2023

"What a fantastic performance, please can we have them back again next year", Plover Primary School, Doncaster - 1st Dec 2023

"Best evening" - next year will be 18th year of having Chaplins", Jaywick Community Resource Centre, Clacton on Sea - 2nd Dec 2023

"Really really good performance, all the children and adults were engaged and joined in with all of the singing and dancing.  Not a moment of silence.  Thank you for putting on such a good show", Branston Limited, Lincoln - 3rd Dec 2023

"A fabulous, entertaining fun afternoon.  Every child and adult really enjoyed it!", Launton Sports & Social, Bicester - 3rd Dec 2023

"So many compliments on the professionalism of show", Muller Diary, Bellshill - 3rd Dec 2023

"A great show, Really enjoyed by adults and children", Marvellous Monday Club, Worcester - 4th Dec 2023

"Brilliantly brought the story of Cinderella to life - friendly actors - funny jokes", Buckland St.Mary C of E Primary School, Somerset - 4th Dec 2023

"The children all said it was amazing and asked when the next one could be.  The staff said it was the first proper pantomime that we'd had in years", St Paul's C of E Primary School, Greater Manchester - 4th Dec 2023

"A fantastic show!  The kids and adults absolutely loved it.  All of the performers were great and so friendly.  Even our youngest audience members (3 yr) sat still for the whole show.  Amazing!", Martins Wood Primary School, Hertfordshire - 5th Dec 2023

"Fabulous performance - all our children were really engaged and took part.  Great time keeping and set up.  Will definitely book you again", Peterchurch Primary School, Herefordshire - 5th Dec 2023

"Amazing, all children participated.  Great fun for all ages, nursery, Y6 & adults", Luston Primary School, Herefordshire - 5th Dec 2023

"Great fun for children and adults alike.  All the children enjoyed themselves.  Great opportunities for participation and loved the dances", Nathaniel Newton Infant School, Nuneaton - 5th Dec 2023

"Amazing!  So funny.  Loved it", Monega Primary School, London - 5th Dec 2023

"Entertaining, kept us enthralled for over an hour, made us part of the panto", Astbury St Mary's Primary School, Cheshire - 5th Dec 2023

"One child said that was the best pantomime ever", Walton Primary School, Essex - 5th Dec 2023

"So much interaction with the children - Fab! - the team were all so lovely", Shobdon Primary School, Herefordshire - 6th Dec 2023

"The Children said they had a great day", Sunny Bank Primary School, Kent - 6th Dec 2023

"They've given our boys a great morning.  They really loved it and were fully engaged throughout.  Very noisy!", New College School, Oxford - 6th Dec 2023

"Very entertaining - good interaction with children and adults.  The cast worked hard, well done", Kingsley Park W.M.C, Northampton - 6th Dec 2023

"Pupils liked the characters and enjoyed the songs", Palmers Cross Primary School, West Midlands - 7th Dec 2023

"A brilliant pantomime delivered by a talented cast.  Enjoyed by staff and students from Reception to Year 6.  Thank you for a fantastic day", Knowle CE Primary Academy, West Midlands - 7th Dec 2023

"What a morning we've just had! We were treated to a wonderful Chaplin's Panto, Cinderella, without even leaving our school building. The whole process from first enquiry to subsequent bookings was so straight forward. Our Foundation Phase children loved it", Marlborough Primary School, Wales - 7th Dec 2023

"Good fun and very noisy!", Bedlinog Community Primary School, Merthyr Tydfil - 7th Dec 2023

"Excellent throughout - best reaction I've ever seen from the children", Ysgol Min-Y-Ddol, Wrexham - 7th Dec 2023

"The children had a lovely time singing and dancing along", Gagle Brook Primary School, Oxfordshire - 7th Dec 2023

"Great engagement with the audience", West Earlham Infant & Nursery School, Norfolk - 7th Dec 2023

"A fantastic spectacle - everyone enjoyed it, staff and children alike.  Thank you for another fabulous performance", St.Peter's Primary School, Herefordshire - 8th Dec 2023

"Great actors and the costumes were fab. Best panto we've had, the  Children loved it, so funny", Manorfield C of E Primary School, Leicester - 8th Dec 2023

"The teachers were very impressed by the interaction made by the actors with the children", Bourton on the Water Primary School, Gloucestershire - 8th Dec 2023

"Great experience and fun for the students.  Kids loved it and joined it", Crompton House School, Oldham - 8th Dec 2023

"It was a fantastic pantomime, the children loved it (and the adults!).  Very professional, a great Christmas treat", Little Houghton Primary School, Little Houghton - 8th Dec 2023

"Actors engaged the children very well, without whipping them up too much!  Really engaging show, pitched well", Thorplands Primary School, Northampton - 8th Dec 2023

"The best show ever!", Driffield C of E Infant School, East Yorkshire - 8th Dec 2023

"Excellent all round performance", Maidstone WMC & Instit. Ltd, Kent - 9th Dec 2023

"Very good Christmassy Panto", Hartley Social Club, Kent - 10th Dec 2023

"Thank you so much for an amazing show.  The team all arrived nice and early, nothing was too much trouble.  Would definitely recommend", Porsche Centre Silverstone, Northants - 10th Dec 2023

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the panto and we would like to book again for next year", Aston Hall Hotel, Sheffield - 10th Dec 2023

"Enjoyed songs and outfits!", Burhill Primary School, Walton-on-Thames - 11th Dec 2023

"It was so good I wanted to join in!", Anstey First School, Hertfordshire - 12th Dec 2023

"Adults and children enjoyed the performance", Church Hill Infant School, Leicester - 13th Dec 2023

"Everyone loved it, staff were great", St Gabriels Primary School, Middlesbrough - 13th Dec 2023

"An amazing performance.  The actors work incredibly hard to entertain the children (and adults).  Lots of smiling, happy faces could be seen around the hall.  Thank you so much for a brilliant performance", Boxmoor Primary School, Herts - 13th Dec 2023

"I didn't like it, I loved it!!!", St Laurence Catholic Primary School, Cambridgeshire - 13th Dec 2023

"Excellent performance.  Children loved Buttons", Christ Church CE Primary School, Chesterfield - 14th Dec 2023

"It was a lovely experience", Abacus Primary School, Essex - 15th Dec 2023

"Y2 child said That was the best show ever", Rucstall Primary School, Basingstoke - 15th Dec 2023

"They thoroughly enjoyed it - best one yet!", St.Peters C of E Primary School, Lancashire - 15th Dec 2023

"Lots of comments from both groups and it was all very positive.  This was a truly magical experience for our small village", Elphinstone Miners Welfare & Social Club, Scotland - 15th Dec 2023

"Lots of fun - they like the singing and dancing", Woodhouse Primary School, West Yorkshire - 15th Dec 2023

"Really enjoyed it and your staff were lovely", Holy Cross Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Nottingham - 15th Dec 2023

"Everyone really enjoyed the show and the songs", Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol - 16th Dec 2023

"It was brilliant!  Kids had a great time", Sika Ltd, Lancashire - 16th Dec 2023

"The children and adults loved it, lots of audience participation.  Everyone was complimentary about the actors especially Buttons!", Criftins Parish Hall, Wrexham - 16th Dec 2023

"Everybody said it was brilliant.  They all deserve an award, they were all fantastic!", Owley Wood Recreation Club, Cheshire - 16th Dec 2023

"I wanted to take Buttons home!", Peterborough Post Office Sports & Social Club, Peterborough - 17th Dec 2023

"Really enjoyed every moment", Benwell & District Social Club, Newcastle upon Tyne - 17th Dec 2023

"Everyone loved the show.  Cast were fantastic", Clowne Community Centre, Derbyshire - 17th Dec 2023

"The children found this performance so engaging!", Landywood Primary School, West Midlands - 18th Dec 2023

"They really enjoyed it", Quinton Church Primary School, Birmingham - 18th Dec 2023

"Fantastic and brilliant show", Dartford W.M.C, Kent - 18th Dec 2023

"Both adults and children enjoyed the performance and were keen to invite Chaplin's back again", Byerley Park Primary School, County Durham - 18th Dec 2023

"Children loved their teacher being up on the stage", Montgomerie Primary School, Essex - 18th Dec 2023

"The children were very engaged", Woodland C.P. School, Lancashire - 19th Dec 2023

"Very entertaining.  The Children liked the singing and it was funny.   All of our actors were superb and worthy of an award", Ridgeway Primary School, Staffs - 20th Dec 2023

"The team were fabulous, a joy to have in school.  The children and staff loved the whole performance from start to finish.  Fun, entertaining, engaging - a fabulous end of term", Aston Rowant Church of England Primary School, Oxfordshire - 20th Dec 2023

"That was the best day ever!", Two Rivers High School, Tamworth - 21st Dec 2023

"It was very good, everyone loved it!  Thank you", St Stephen & All Martyres C of E Primary School, Bolton - 21st Dec 2023

"Everyone loved the panto - we always do!", Mill Hill CP School, North Yorkshire - 21st Dec 2023

"An excellent panto everyone loved it!", Moat Primary School, Gloucester - 22nd Dec 2023

"All the actors were brilliant, but the children were all talking about Buttons", Larkfields Junior School, Nottingham - 22nd Dec 2023

"Really enjoyed it", Carshalton Ex/Servicemens Club, Surrey - 27th Dec 2023

"Obviously they all loved Buttons!", Denbigh Hall Sports & Social Club, Milton Keynes - 28th Dec 2023

"This was the first time many of the children had experienced Panto.  Amazing.  All the actors were amazing but the dames were Great!", St Augustine's Catholic Academy, Stoke-on-Trent - 4th Jan 2024

"My grandson had the best day", Rugby Workers Club, Warwickshire - 5th Jan 2024

"They were all excellent, couldn't thank them enough, highly recommend", Broadwater WM Conservative Club, West Sussex - 7th Jan 2024

"They thought it was funny, lovely to see the children's faces", St James the Great RC Primary School, Surrey - 10th Jan 2024

"We heard lots of giggling and shouting", Puss Bank School & Nursery, Cheshire - 10th Jan 2024

"Children said how much they enjoyed joining in", St Cuthberts Primary School, Birmingham - 11th Jan 2024

"The Ugly Sisters were amazing!", St John Bosco Catholic Academy, Midlands - 11th Jan 2024

"We had an AMAZING time!", Six Continents Limited, Staffordshire - 14th Jan 2024

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