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Customer Reviews

"We thoroughly enjoyed having the panto as part of our Christmas festivities on campus.  Your team were incredibly professional and an absolute joy to work with.  Look forward to working with you again next year!" University of Leicester, Leicester - 8th Dec 2017

"The children found the performance very funny" Harrington Hill Primary School, London - 8th Dec 2017

"What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  Definitely worth coming to" Coneygre Youth Arts Centre, West Midlands - 9th Dec 2017

"Really enjoyable and mesmerising" Searle Sports & Social Club, Northumberland - 10th Dec 2017

"The children were captivated, very entertaining and well thought out panto" IF Nursery, London - 11th Dec 2017

"The children enjoyed the show" Blackheath Preparatory School, London - 11th Dec 2017

"We enjoyed all the singing, especially when the children joined in" Lancing College Prep School, Hove - 12th Dec 2017

"We had lots of fun watching Chaplins perform Goldilocks #ohyeswedid #hesbehindyou #festivefun" Rowena Academy, Doncaster - 12th Dec 2017

"Excellent, it was amazing, the best entertainment we've put on for our Nursery.  So happy we chose Chaplins.  No improvements required we were so pleased and will be booking again for next year" Scaynes Hill Millennium Centre, West Sussex - 12th Dec 2017

"Wonderful show, full of Christmas spirit.  Great actors and great props.  Highly engaging, we all loved it!  Thank you for the fantastic production of Goldilocks which your wonderful team presented to our school.  Everything from the set, the costumes the lighting to the props are bright, colourful and which all made for a wonderful pantomime which the children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed.  We have never used Chaplins before but we will certainly be booking again next year and we will be recommending you to our colleagues at other local schools" Gorse Ride Primary School, Berkshire - 13th Dec 2017

"Great fun with great audience participation" Office Depot, Leicester - 25th Nov 2017

"Staff found the performance entertaining and all the children were thoroughly excited throughout!" Cherry Tree Primary School & SLC, Essex - 28th Nov 2017

"Good fun, very suitable for the age range" Mab's Cross Primary School, Wigan - 29th Nov 2017


"Lovely to see the children really enjoy it and get involved and we loved the music" Ravenswood C.P. School, Ipswich - 30th Nov 2017

"Awesome, amazing, it's the best show we've ever seen" South Ossett Infant Academy, Wakefield - 1st Dec 2017

"A wonderful event,  we can't believe how good it was" Avondale Community Centre, London - 2nd Dec 2017

"Excellent panto" Rowheath Pavillion, Birmingham - 2nd Dec 2017

"Please rebook us for 2018" WPM Sports & Social Club, Gosport - 2nd Dec 2017

"Thoroughly enjoyed, great how quickly the actors got the children on board and hooked" Guiseley Theatre, Leeds - 2nd Dec 2017

"Great performance and fun" Newton Aycliffe Navy Club, County Durham - 2nd Dec 2017

"Very colourful. Nice way to enjoy live theatre" Dawdon Miners Social Club, County Durham - 3rd Dec 2017

"Our employees were impressed with the props and the Children loved the characters" Ricardo UK Limited, Leamington Spa - 3rd Dec 2017

"It was wonderful. Loved the singing" Byker Community Centre, Newcastle - 4th Dec 2017

"It was so fun, I want to see it again tomorrow" Mission Grove Primary School (South), London - 5th Dec 2017

"Funny and entertaining" Weeton St. Michael's CE Primary School, Preston - 6th Dec 2017

"Very good, enjoyed by all" Woodland Comm. Primary School, Lancashire - 6th Dec 2017

"Some of the children had never been to a panto and they kept asking when we are going to do it again! The Adults very impressed" Briggs Equipment UK Ltd., Staffordshire - 7th Dec 2017

"It was fab!  Best panto we've had in our school" Colegate Primary School, Gateshead - 7th Dec 2017

"Memorable experience for first time at a panto, we loved It" Kings Fitness & Leisure, Somerset - 7th Dec 2017

"The Children and adults enjoyed the show" St. Edward's Primary School, London - 13th Dec 2017

"Thank you for a fantastic show the staff and children had a wonderful time, the interaction with the children was first class, they were enthralled" St. Boniface RC Primary School, Salford - 13th Dec 2017

"Splendid, very funny" Seagrave Village Primary School, Loughborough - 14th Dec 2017

"It was the best performance yet!  The reaction from the children was incredible and they have thoroughly enjoyed it.  A massive thank you and well done.  We can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year" Mossfield Primary School, Manchester - 14th Dec 2017

"Panto made us laugh and wasn't scary" Glasshoughton Infant Academy, West Yorks - 14th Dec 2017

"Good fun story, fanastic pantomime.  All the children throughly enjoyed the production.  It was lively, engaging and lots of fun" Old Hall Junior School, Derbyshire - 15th Dec 2017

"Both Children and adults found the Panto funny" Darras Hall First School, Newcastle - 15th Dec 2017

"The Children loved it" St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, London - 15th Dec 2017

"Great entertainment!" Kilburn & Strode LLP, London - 16th Dec 2017

"The Children's attention was kept throughout" Candleby Lane School, Nottingham - 17th Dec 2017

"Such a wonderful afternoon, we had a great time at the panto" Seaham Town Hall, County Durham - 17th Dec 2017

"Excellent value for money" Arconic Europe-FRP, Birmingham - 17th Dec 2017

"Everyone really enjoyed the show, we would recommend it to anyone" Mecca Bingo, Walsall - 17th Dec 2017

"Really enjoyed by all" Reigate School, Surrey - 18th Dec 2017

"Very funny" Blackwell First School, Bromsgrove - 19th Dec 2017

"Everyone enjoyed it very much" Sharneyford Primary School, Lancashire - 20th Dec 2017

"A tremendous thank you to the team for another fantastic performance! The Children had a fun-filled morning of panto frolics - what a great way to continue our festive week #christmas" St James C of E Primary Academy, Kent - 20th Dec 2017

"Brilliant as usual.  Hope to see you next year!" St. Andrew's (VA) CE Infant School, West Yorks. - 21st Dec 2017

"The Actors were funny, good interaction with the children" Beaudesert Lower School, Luton - 5th Jan 2018

"Actors were brilliant" Red Arrow Club, Kent - 6th Jan 2018

"Very well presented, kept the children entertained" Excelsior Club, Aldershot - 7th Jan 2018

"Very funny, lovely story" Westroyd Primary School, West Yorks - 8th Jan 2018

"The Children said that it had been the best morning ever after watching the performance" St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School, Birmingham - 8th Jan 2018

"The Children loved it!" Greet Primary School, Birmingham - 9th Jan 2018

"All the children loved it, great to see them smiling and having fun!" Trinity C of E Methodist Primary School, Lancashire - 10th Jan 2018

"KS1 have had such fun this morning, thank you Chaplins Pantos"  Wincham CP School, Cheshire - 12th Jan 2018

"Very enjoyable" St. Paulinus Parochial Hall, West Yorks. - 14th Jan 2018

"Lots of fun had by the Children and Adults enjoyed the community aspect" Clun Memorial Hall, Shropshire - 14th Jan 2018

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