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More Customer Reviews - Goldilocks 2022.23

"Very good - adults enjoyed how engaged the children were, want to book for 2023" Abbey Hill Primary & Nursery School, Notts. 6th Dec 2022

"Very good, the children thought is was very funny!" Stirchley Primary School, West Midlands - 6th Dec 2022

"Great that the kids were so involved, great characters. Loved the set, magnificent, favourite part was the songs" Avanti Gardens School, Bristol - 7th Dec 2022

"It was brilliant - I loved it" Kingfisher Primary School, Kent - 8th Dec 2022

"Children had a fantastic time! We loved that you had familiar fairy tales which the children knew and could join in. Costumes were great and very engaging with the children" Paulton Infant School, Bristol - 8th Dec 2022

"The children said 'they are funny and they made me laugh" First Steps (Nursery), Bath - 8th Dec 2022

"Very good - the children enjoyed it" Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School, Birmingham - 8th Dec 2022

"The children loved the twist on a known story" Great Bowden Academy, Market Harborough - 9th Dec 2022

"The children loved joining in" Springfield Infant School, West Sussex - 9th Dec 2022

"Very good - everyone loved it.  All 3 actors were amazing - the best we have ever had!" AECOM, London - 9th Dec 2022

"Very good - The teachers commended best ever PTFA have put on yet!" Ryedene Primary School, Basildon - 9th Dec 2022

"Fabulous show" Abbots Langley Mens Club, Hertfordshire - 10th Dec 2022

"Everyone loved it!" Dogsthorpe Infant School, Cambridge - 25th Nov 2022

"Very good, pupils absolutely loved the performance, we have never seen them all so engaged in a show before, it was lovely to see them all having so much fun" Marchbank Free School, Darlington - 25th Nov 2022

"Great fun!" Edge Grove Independent School, Hertfordshire - 1st Dec 2022

"Very good especially the Villain - got the children involved" The Roche School, London - 1st Dec 2022

"Children thought the show was good - first experience of Chaplins and would book again" Ings Farm Primary School, Redcar - 2nd Dec 2022

"Amazing - all the pupils loved it. We cannot wait to see you all again next year!" Brookfields School, Liverpool - 2nd Dec 2022


"The children had really good fun" Spalding St. Paul's Primary School, Lincs. 2nd Dec 2022

"Very good - one child said it was the best day of her life! Staff and children all enjoyed it" South Ossett Infant Academy, Wakefield - 2nd Dec 2022

"We had a fantastic show and would like to rebook" A.E.T.C Limited, Leeds

"Very happy with the show and would like to book again for next year. Surprised how good it was!" Ravenfield Parish Hall, Rotherham - 3rd Dec 2022

"Another year and a great Panto.  It was amazing all my kids loved it, would love to see you again" The Hub @ Toothill, Swindon - 3rd Dec 2022

"Everyone enjoyed it including the staff on duty" Wickford Railway Club, Essex - 3rd Dec 2022

"Fantastic show, entire audience participating, excellent show!" Charlton Recreation Centre, Malmesbury - 3rd Dec 2022

"Very good - they all absolutely loved it, thank you!" Gestamp Tallent Ltd, Co. Durham - 3rd Dec 2022

"I just wanted to thank you - my girls have had the most wonderful, magical time - All actors were fab" Lyde Green Community Association, Bristol - 4th Dec 2022

"Very good - A great panto enjoyed for all ages" Dover WMC, Kent - 4th Dec 2022

"Children and adults enjoyed the experience" Lane Head Nursery School, West Midlands - 5th Dec 2022

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show, all children were engaged.  We all had fun watching the show and the characters were brilliant!" Carleton House Prep School, Liverpool - 5th Dec 2022

"Very good.  Overall the children loved it!" Hillshott Inf School & Nursery, Hertfordshire - 5th Dec 2022

"General expressions of enjoyment" Fair Oak Village Hall, Eastleigh - 10th Dec 2022

"The children loved the panto especially when the actors walked around after to say hello and let them have photo's taken" Birmingham Children's Hospital, Midlands - 10th Dec 2022

"What a fantastic show it was!" Oadby R.B.L. Leicester - 10th Dec 2022

"Parents said what a great time they and their children had, and they are looking forward to next year" United Services Club, London - 11th Dec 2022

"It was very much enjoyed.  A lot of people stayed behind at the finish and spoke to the performers, praising the show" Lonsdale Cinema, Dumfermline - 11th Dec 2022

"The children said "that was so funny", staff agreed and said the children were fully engaged" St. Andrew's CE(VA) Infant School, West Yorkshire - 12th Dec 2022

"Very good - the children thought it was thoroughly enjoyable" Staunton & Corse C of E Academy, Gloucester - 12th Dec 2022

"A really excellent, well enjoyed show" Springwell Special School, Cleveland - 13th Dec 2022

"Exciting, Wonderful, Funny, Cute!" Lythe CEVC Primary School, North Yorkshire - 13th Dec 2022

"Good length of performance - not too long! They especially loved the joining in/responding part" Frithwood Primary School, Middlesex - 13th Dec 2022

"The children thought it was funny and good" - Jessons Primary School, West Midlands - 13th Dec 2022

"The children really enjoyed it, and said it was fun" Deanesfield Primary School, South Ruislip - 13th Dec 2022

"Great part of Christmas week, engaged with the children" Castleton Primary School, West Yorkshire - 14th Dec 2022

"Adults felt it was very good" Lydney C of E Primary School, Gloucestershire - 15th Dec 2022

"Many children had never been to a pantomime, they said 'it was the best ever'!" Shortstown Primary School, Bedford - 15th Dec 2022

The Children's Pantomime That Comes To You!

Were any particular comments made by the children or adults present?.....

"The children absolutely loved it" Witherslack Group,  Carnforth - 15th Dec 2022

"The children enjoyed the songs very much" St Francis Catholic Primary School, Essex - 15th Dec 2022

"Great audience interaction, nice to see the children joining in"  St. Boniface RC Primary School, Manchester - 16th Dec 2022

"Great fun, very interactive. Class thought it was amazing and mind-blowing! Favourite part was when Billy told us his name and we had to shout at him!!" Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School, Wiltshire - 16th Dec 2022

"Very good - right kind of humour for children.  Good balance of singing/dancing/acting. Costumes fantastic & colourful. Acting was great and the change between characters was smooth" Perryfields Infant School, Essex - 16th Dec 2022

"This was great, are we doing it again next year? "Fantastic, Funny - They all deserve an award" The Carmelita Centre, London - 17th Dec 2022

"Excellent, everyone enjoyed it children and adults.  The actors were excellent, Jess, Emmie & Mimi" South Kirkby & Moorthorpe Town Council, Pontefract - 17th Dec 2022

"Very appreciative of the club and performers" - Hampton Road Social Club, Lancs. 17th Dec 2022

"The children were really involved and enjoyed it, appropriate for age of children" Ashdon Primary School, Essex - 19th Dec 2022

"Thank you so much, a great performance, very popular with the families.  All ages had a great time" Holy Trinity Church, Chester - 20th Dec 2022

"The children thought it was funny, really good and hilarious" Glan Usk Primary School, South Wales - 20th Dec 2022

"Thank you so much, loved it and was just the right length, will book again." St John's C of E Primary School, Bolton - 21st Dec 2022

"Lots of interaction, dancing & giggling from the children" Dun & Bradstreet, London - 21st Dec 2022

"All thoroughly enjoyed the show" C & W Berry Ltd, Leyland - 21st Dec 2022

"Fabulous, children were so engaged and the cast got them all involved. Very professional costumes and setting. See you next year!" Pantside Primary School, Newport - 22nd Dec 2022

"It was good to interact with the actors, loved the audience participation" Jesus College, Cambridge - 22nd Dec 2022

"One class really liked the music - a Reception child said "It was the best day of school" Cardinal Road Nursery & Inft Sch, Middlesex - 3rd Jan 2023

"Loved the music and dancing chicken" Edith Borthwick School, Essex - 6th Jan 2023

"All the staff said how much they enjoyed the panto, and the children kept saying it was "amazing!" Forest Lodge Academy, Leicester - 9th Jan 2023

"Great to see all the children so into it. Great play with brilliant performers, Over 100 children all laughing, smiling and clapping.  Will rebook." Wincham CP School, Cheshire - 9th Jan 2023

"Very good - Children absolutely loved it!" Brandhall Primary School, West Midlands - 12th Jan 2023

More Customer Reviews - Goldilocks 2022.23

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