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Customer Reviews

The Children's Pantomime That Comes To You!

"Great performance from all three Actors" St. Paulinus Parochial Hall, Dewsbury - 15th Jan 2017


"Very entertaining" Grove Street Primary School, Wirral - 13th Jan 2017


"Great panto, please can we have them again!  This was a really fabulous pantomime and everyone had a wonderful time. Some of the children had never experienced a panto, so a great big thank you to you all" Showfields Hall, Kent - 8th Jan 2017


"Loved it all" Red Arrow Club, Kent - 7th Jan 2017


"Great for younger years" Netherbrook Primary School, Dudley - 5th Jan 2017

"The children really enjoyed this Panto" Ferndale Primary School, Birmingham - 5th Jan 2017


"Great afternoon, everyone really enjoyed it" Donnington Valley Group Ltd, Newbury - 29th Dec 2016

"Good show, good length" Northleach Town Council, Gloucester - 22nd Dec 2016


"Thank you for an amazing service once again.  The party was very well received by all the children as well as parents" Catlin, London - 21st Dec 2016


"Everyone loved it, the children wanted to know when can the panto come again?" Haddon Primary & Nursery School, Nottingham - 19th Dec 2016


"Great scenery! Story appropriate for little ones and it wasn't too scary!" Westfield Infants School, Chesterfield - 19th Dec 2016

"Children were engaged throughout" Mossfield Primary School, Manchester - 19th Dec 2016


"It was the best we have had, lots of interaction with the children" Shipleys Bingo, Worcester - 18th Dec 2016


"A big thank you to all the cast they were extremely helpful and very enthusiastic with everything I asked" Phyllis Court Club, Oxfordshire - 17th Dec 2016


"Everyone really enjoyed it, even more than the panto in the Grand Theatre Swansea" Waunarlwydd Community Centre, Swansea - 16th Dec 2016


"It was a really good performance and I give it 10 out of 10" Mayflower Primary School, Essex - 16th Dec 2016

"The children had great fun" Aylward 1st Middle School, Middlesex - 16th Dec 2016


"It was fab!" Ferham Primary School, Rotherham - 16th Dec 2016


"Really funny" Lorenden Prep School, Kent - 15th Dec 2016


"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the children thought it was lots of fun.  A great start to our Christmas holiday. Thank you" William Stockton Primary School, Cheshire - 15th Dec 2016


"It was very engaging" St. Helen Auckland Primary School, Co. Durham - 15th Dec 2016


"Fantastic interaction with the children" Princefield 1st School, Stafford - 15th Dec 2016

"The children loved it, they wanted to watch it again" Holy Rood Catholic Primary School, Watford - 15th Dec 2016


"Good Fun" Allhallows Primary Academy, Kent - 14th Dec 2016


"Adults felt it was just right for our youngest children, they loved it!" Barwell Infants School, Leicester - 13th Dec 2016


"Children said they liked 'Betty Banana' and it was very funny" Benfield Primary School, Co. Durham - 13th Dec 2016

"The Adults agreed it was well suited to the age group that watched the show (4-6) and it wasn't too scary" Frithwood Primary School, Middlesex - 12th Dec 2016


"A teacher said her class had enjoyed it immensely" Greenfields Com.Primary School, Newcastle - 12th Dec 2016


"Everyone really enjoyed the performance, very professional and funny" Searle Sp & So. Club, Northumberland - 11th Dec 2016


"I am writing to say a BIG thank you to you and in particular the Actors who put on our show on Sunday, they were a credit to your company and went above and beyond to entertain us all" Holland Sports Club, Staffordshire - 11th Dec 2016


"Very enjoyable" Reynalds Cross School, Solihull - 10th Dec 2016


"The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show" 4 Armd Med Regt, Aldershot - 10th Dec 2016

"Lots of fun" Riverside Primary School, Hertfordshire - 9th Dec 2016


"We thought it was pitched just right for the age range and length of show was exactly right" Husthwaite Primary School, York - 9th Dec 2016


"The children loved that there was a bad guy and a good guy and it all worked out in the end" Prince Bishops C.P. School, Co. Durham - 9th Dec 2016


"The children thought it was funny and hilarious and 'the best'" Mission Grove Primary School (East), London - 6th Dec 2016

"Thank you so much for your amazing performance, all of the children have given great feedback and thoroughly enjoyed the performance!" Knighton Church in Wales Primary School, Powys - 6th Dec 2016


"All the children enjoyed joining in with the performance and the staff did too" Horwich Parish CofE Primary School, Bolton - 6th Dec 2016


"Great interactive show" Wallsend Jubilee Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 5th Dec 2016


"Lots of children spent the rest of the day talking about Betty Banana.  The PTA loved seeing all the children's faces" Swaffham VC Infant & Nursery School, Norfolk - 5th Dec 2016

"Well run, both by Chaplins and ourselves, great set up, everyone could see and hear the performance, there was a good atmosphere" Spectrum Leisure Centre, Co. Durham - 3rd Dec 2016 


"The three Actors that carried out the performance were extremely friendly and professional.  They did a fantastic performance and all 120 children were engaged and wanted to join in.  This is the best Pantomime myself and my colleagues have watched in our School.  We highly recommend you.  Just fantastic!" Prince Albert Primary School, West Midlands - 1st Dec 2016


"The staff commented on how good the Actors were and that all children enjoyed it" Abbey Hill Primary & Nursery School, Nottingham - 30th Nov 2016


"The show was bright and had good pace. Lots of interaction, a simple story and very age appropriate" Edge Grove Independent School, Hertfordshire - 30th Nov 2016


"The children enjoyed joining in with Betty Banana and acted it out during lunch time" Swing Gate First School & Nursery, Berkhampstead - 30th Nov 2016

"All absolutely loved it" The Swaminarayan School, London - 29th Nov 2016


"Everyone enjoyed the songs and dancing and the look on the children's faces" Dalgarno Community Centre, London - 27th Nov 2016


"It was brilliant, good to be able to attend a panto that wasn't out of their price range.  Excellent!" William Temple Village Hall, Sheffield - 27th Nov 2016


"I would like to thank you for entertaining us on Saturday in the Children's out-patient department, all those who came thoroughly enjoyed the panto.  Please pass our thanks on to the cast members who worked very hard and put such effort and enthusiasm into their performance" Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital, Oxford - 26th Nov 2016


"Great performance, excellent, loved it!" Werneth Cricket Club, Oldham - 26th Nov 2016

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