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Customer Reviews

"Great Fun" Dogsthorpe Infant School, Cambridgeshire - 10th Dec 2018

"Pitched at the right age group - children have been talking about it since" Clever Clogs Day Nurseries, Durham - 11th Dec 2018

"Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining show! Our children loved every minute of the ‘Treasure Island’ mini panto, what a great start to the festive season! Many thanks to all of the lovely and very talented staff." Maltby Lilly Hall Academy, Rotherham - 11th Dec 2018

"Actors were lively and engaging - thank you for rescheduling" Mission Grove Primary School (North), London - 12th Dec 2018

"Thank you the children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed the show.  The set and performers were absolutely brilliant" Gorse Ride Primary School, Berkshire - 12th Dec 2018

"Another fantastic panto! Thank you Chaplins Pantos!" Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School, Birmingham - 12th Dec 2018

"Children thought it was really funny and they loved the song at the end" Boothroyd Primary Academy, West Yorkshire - 13th Dec 2018

"All the children loved the performance!" New Brancepeth Primary School, Co Durham - 13th Dec 2018

"The children were exited and engaged" Broadfields Primary School, Middlesex - 13th Dec 2018

"Very engaging!" St. Jude & St. Paul's Primary School, London - 14th Dec 2018

"Very professional and a lovely atmosphere - well pitched" Seamer & Irton CP School, North Yorkshire - 14th Dec 2018

"Really enjoyed singing and dancing, performance was fun, exciting and entertaining. Fantastic!" Dalgarno Community Centre, London - 25th Nov 2018

"Good jokes songs were relevant, up to date and catchy" Treowen Primary School, Powys - 27th Nov 2018

"It was amazing.  It was so so funny.  I loved the bit when Stinky Binky came on" Birchwood Primary School, Ipswich - 28th Nov 2018

"Great Fun.  Really liked the show.  Wonderful watching the expressions on our children's faces.  Great to hear and see the children join in" Ravenswood C.P. School, Suffolk - 28th Nov 2018

"The children said they had the best day ever!  As we have a high percentage of army children at the school they have never seen a panto.  So it was really lovely to see their smiling faces watching it.  Thank you" Alexander First School, Windsor - 29th Nov 2018

"The actors were brilliant with ad-libing, great engagement with the audience" Office Depot, Leicester - 1st Dec 2018

"Really enjoyed the show and the interaction" Newton Aycliffe Navy Club, Co Durham - 1st Dec 2018

"Very professional" Ricardo UK Ltd, Leamington Spa - 2nd Dec 2018


"He’s behind you, Aunty Nellie! Oh, yes, he is! Thank you for a super show, @ChaplinsPantos" Buckland St. Mary CofE Primary School, Somerset - 3rd Dec 2018

"All pupils loved it, they have not stopped talking about it, the staff really enjoyed the reactions of pupils" Kirkstall St. Stephens CofE Primary School, Leeds - 3rd Dec 2018

"Fantastic panto, it was lots of fun" South Ossett Infant Academy, Wakefield - 3rd Dec 2018

"We’ve had a wonderful time with Auntie Nelly, Jenny, Whiskers and Long Silver from @ChaplinsPantos. The Pantomime was amazing fun for us all!" Overthorpe CofE Academy, Drewsbury - 4th Dec 2018

"A huge thank you to @ChaplinsPantos for bringing some festive cheer to Archibald today! The children loved Cinderella this afternoon #ohyeswedid"

"Colourful, current, engaged the children" Sully Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan - 7th Dec 2018

"Very fun and interactive.  Love how they got the children involved and the songs were so current and aimed at the right age" Colets Health & Fitness, Surrey - 7th Dec 2018

"We have just had another fabulous visit from @ChaplinsPantos. The Aventures of Treasure Island was so entertaining and the children have loved it. Thank you from all pupils and staff #FeelingFestive" Swinefleet Primary School, Goole - 7th Dec 2018

"The Adults said it was the best one we've ever had, Really funny" Spectrum Leisure Centre, Co Durham - 8th Dec 2018

"Everyone loved it" Owston Ferry Community Group, Doncaster - 9th Dec 2018

"It was the best one over the last couple of years" Searle Sp & So. Club, Northumberland - 9th Dec 2018

"Lovely scenery and costumes.  The cast were great with the kids" Dawdon Miners Social Club, Co Durham - 16th Dec 2018

"Fun and laughs for the whole family" Birmingham City Football Club, West Midlands - 16th Dec 2018

"The adults were very impressed and the children had a fantastic time - as always" Wellingtons for Langley Hall Nursery, Slough - 17th Dec 2018

"Fantastic as always" Lythe CEVC Primary School, West Yorkshire - 18th Dec 2018

"It was fab!" Roseberry Primary School, Cleveland - 18th Dec 2018

"Very funny!" Mossfield Primary School, Manchester - 18th Dec 2018

"All the adults loved it, particularly because of how involved our children were made to feel.  Thank you" Arnold View Primary School, Nottingham - 20th Dec 2018

"Very funny" Blackwell First School, Worcestershire - 21st Dec 2018

"With Christmas just around the corner, we're keeping up our annual tradition and have turned the Auditorium into a theatre set! Thanks to @ChaplinsPantos for entertaining the kids (and the big kids) this morning!" Price Forbes & Partners, London - 21st Dec 2018

"Even our older children were fully engaged and involved" DST Financial Services Ltd., Essex - 24th Dec 2018

"I have worked on nearly all of them here for at least 8 years and I do think this was the bet one we ever had.  It was a fun story with singing and dancing. Very good!!" The Lensbury Club, Middlesex - 28th Dec 2018

"Really enjoyed the fun.  Hope to do something similar again" Empire Theatre, Essex - 2nd Jan 2019

"It was so good.  I wish we could watch it again" Thorne Brooke Primary School, Doncaster - 8th Jan 2019

"We all thought it was fantastic" St. Mary's CofE Primary School, Dorset - 8th Jan 2019

"Reception and KS1 had an amazing time at our 'Treasure Island' pantomime today..... "Oh no they didn't!" "Oh yes they did!!'" Wincham CP School, Cheshire - 11th Jan 2019

"The children thoroughly enjoyed it, your staff were all very polite and set up and packed away very efficiently" Dawley Brook Primary School, West Midlands - 11th Jan 2019

"It was very engaging for our age range 3-9.  Really enjoyable" Foremarke Hall Pre Prep, Derbyshire - 11th Jan 2019

"Funny, engaging for both adults and children" Clun Memorial Hall, Shropshire - 13th Jan 2019

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