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Were any particular comments made by the children or adults present?.....

"We had some very enthused children afterwards who talked about the show for days afterwards and lots of thanks from parents for booking this.  Said the actors were all fab and deserve a medal.  The cat was a favourite!", Wilsons Endowed CE School, Lancashire - 24th Nov 2023

"Fantastic, very funny.  Everyone love it and  really, really enjoyed it.", Sunshine House, Wigan - 24th Nov 2023

"Children loved the interaction", Ryedene Primary School, Essex - 27th Nov 2023

"An excellent performance which the children thoroughly enjoyed", Eagley Infants School, Bolton - 29th Nov 2023

"Children were engaged and laughing the whole time!", St.Huberts R.C.Primary School, Lancashire - 29th Nov 2023

"Loved the dancing & music", John Grant School, Norfolk - 30th Nov 2023

"Adults and Children loved all the characters, particularly Long John Silver", St.Charles RC Primary School, Manchester - 30th Nov 2023

"A fabulous panto had even the youngest children captured.  Hilarious and highly entertaining, The awe on the children's faces was just magical.  The actors were amazing and kept the whole school engaged", The Croft Primary School, Gloucestershire - 1st Dec 2023

"Children had a really good time", Spalding St.Paul's Primary School, Lincolnshire - 1st Dec 2023

"Everyone laughed a lot, and the feedback from parents was good.  Excellent scenery", Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Midlands - 2nd Dec 2023

"The audience thought the show was incredible and a wonderful performance", Lyde Green Community Association, Bristol - 2nd Dec 2023

"They wanted more!", Cardiff Masonic Hall, Cardiff - 3rd Dec 2023

"Reception children loved the Pirate theme", Hillshott Inf School & Nursery, Hertfordshire - 4th Dec 2023

"They really enjoyed it", Harcourt Primary School, Kent - 4th Dec 2023

"They loved it!  Thank you so much, the children all really enjoyed themselves, adults too!  you are Fab!", First Steps (Nursery), Bath - 5th Dec 2023

"Everyone loved it", Oakwood Infant School, Essex - 5th Dec 2023

"The Children loved it! lots of laughter", Colley Lane Primary Academy, West Midlands - 6th Dec 2023

"Absolutely fantastic performance, See you next year!", Nationwide Building Society, Wiltshire - 6th Dec 2023

"Thank you so much! It was excellent, the children loved it! It's magical to see the smiles on their faces! See you next year", St.Nicholas of Tolentine RC Primary School, Bristol - 6th Dec 2023

"Very positive and would book again", Malden Manor Primary & Nursery, Surrey - 7th Dec 2023

"Lots of engagement with the children.  Good crowd participation", Mission Grove Primary School (North Site), London - 7th Dec 2023

"Very accommodating for the children's needs", Eslington

Primary  Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 7th Dec 2023

"All the children gave it a thumbs up!  They also enjoyed the shouting out and being able to interact with the actors", Llwyncrwn Primary School, Pontypridd - 8th Dec 2023

"All of the children really enjoyed signing Barbie Girl", Gorse Ride Infant School, Berks - 8th Dec 2023

"Parents commented that it was all the children talked about that night", Mereside Primary School, Lancashire - 8th Dec 2023

"They all thought it was a marvellous show, really interactive with the children", Ingress Park Mum's, Kent - 9th Dec 2023

"The children thought it was very funny and felt very involved.  They loved Whiskers the cat best!", Penshurst Primary School, East Yorkshire - 11th Dec 2023

"When I grow up I want a job with them! (year 6 girl).  The Staff said it was the Best Pantomime the had seen in years!", The Hayes Primary School, Surrey - 12th Dec 2023

"They enjoyed the show very much", Andrews Lane Primary School, Hertfordshire - 13th Dec 2023

"All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it, even the older children were thoroughly engaged", St Mary's CE VC Primary School, York - 13th Dec 2023

"Chaplin's Pantomime production of "Treasure Island" proved to be an absolute triumph, enchanting our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children with its delightful blend of humour, adventure, and heart-warming moments. The show was a resounding success, earning a well-deserved five-star rating. What set this production apart was the extensive audience participation, keeping the children engaged and excited. From sing-alongs to shout-outs, the interactive elements added an extra layer of fun to the experience.

Visually, the set design and costumes were impressive, seamlessly transporting the children to the heart of the pirate-infested Treasure Island. St David’s school thoroughly enjoyed the performance and want to say a very big thank you!" -

St David’s School, Purley – 13th Dec 2023

"That was really good.  It was fun, can we do it again", Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Walsall - 14th Dec 2023

"All the children said it was great ", Kingfisher Primary School, Kent - 14th Dec 2023

"Children loved the performance", Newcroft Primary Academy, Leicestershire - 15th Dec 2023

"Very funny and silly", Great Bowden Academy, Market Harborough - 15th Dec 2023

"The children really enjoyed it", St.Athan Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan - 15th Dec 2023

"A big thank you for putting on such a fun show for our children.  I could tell by the noise how much they enjoyed it!  Loved Whiskers and Stinkers Binkers definitely gave teachers/children a fright! Thank you to you all for your Treasure Island skills", Chelsea Open Air Nursery School, London - 15th Dec 2023

"What great energy the team had.  Excellent performance", Spandex, Bristol - 16th Dec 2023

"The children enjoyed the singing and dancing", Somersham Parish Council, Huntingdon - 16th Dec 2023

"It was thoroughly enjoyable", East & West Ardsley Social Club, West Yorkshire - 16th Dec 2023

"Lots of happy screams and laughter", Katherine Semar Jnr. School, Cambridgeshire - 19th Dec 2023

"Very noisy and excitable show!", Dulwich Village C of E Infant School, London - 19th Dec 2023

"They liked the Pirates", Deanesfield Primary School, South Ruislip - 19th Dec 2023

"Lots of smiles and laughter during and after the show", Redwood Primary School, Derbyshire - 20th Dec 2023

"Very Good - Fun, Energetic and Funny", Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, Bristol - 20th Dec 2023

"Children were saying how much they enjoyed it", St. Boniface RC Primary School, Manchester - 20th Dec 2023

"The pantomime was full of jokes for everyone!  A perfect performance!", Morven Park Primary School, Nottingham - 5th Jan 2024

"Loved it.   Entertained the adults and the kids", Red Arrow Club, Kent - 6th Jan 2024

"The Children said It was fun and good", Cardinal Road Nursery & Inft School, Middlesex - 8th Jan 2024

"Very entertaining.  Staff enjoyed it too", Hathern CofE Primary School, Loughborough - 8th Jan 2024

"Funny and very loud", Birchfield Primary School, West Yorkshire - 9th Jan 2024

"Very Good - Pupils really enjoyed it , they engaged well.  They were all buzzing and still talking about it in the afternoon", Witherslack Group, Carnforth - 9th Jan 2024

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