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Customer Reviews - Goldilocks 2022.23

AECOM, London

9th Dec 2022

"Very good - everyone loved it.  All 3 actors were amazing - the best we have ever had!"

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Wiltshire

14th Dec 2022

"Brilliant, kept the attention of the students and was very entertaining.  A student described it as thrilling, funny and interactive. Costumes were good, great acting skills"

Perryfields Infant School, Essex

16th Dec 2022

"Very good - right kind of humour for children.  Good balance of singing/dancing/acting. Costumes fantastic & colourful. Acting was great and the change between characters was smooth"

Pantside Primary School, Newport

22nd Dec 2022

"Fabulous, children were so engaged and the cast got them all involved. Very professional costumes and setting. See you next year!"

The Children's Pantomime That Comes To You!

"Children had a fantastic time! We loved that you had familiar fairy tales which the children knew and could join in. Costumes were great and it was very engaging with the children"

Paulton Infant School   |  8th Dec 2022

Customer Reviews - Goldilocks 2022.23

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