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Customer Reviews

"Chaplin's Pantomime production of "Treasure Island" proved to be an absolute triumph, enchanting our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children with its delightful blend of humour, adventure, and heart-warming moments. The show was a resounding success, earning a well-deserved five-star rating.


What set this production apart was the extensive audience participation, keeping the children engaged and excited. From sing-alongs to shout-outs, the interactive elements added an extra layer of fun to the experience.


Visually, the set design and costumes were impressive, seamlessly transporting the children to the heart of the pirate-infested Treasure Island.

St David’s school thoroughly enjoyed the performance and want to say a very big thank you!" 


St David's School, Purley | 13th Dec 2023

The Croft Primary School, Gloucestershire

1st Dec 2023

"A fabulous panto had even the youngest children captured.  Hilarious and highly entertaining, The awe on the children's faces was just magical.  The actors were amazing and kept the whole school engaged"

St. Nicholas of Tolentine RC Primary Schol, Bristol

6th Dec 2023

"Thank you so much! It was excellent, the children loved it! It's magical to see the smiles on their faces! See you next year"

Nationwide Building Society, Wiltshire

6th Dec 2023

"Absolutely fantastic performance, See you next year!"

Chelsea Open Air Nursery School, London

15th Dec 2023

"A big thank you for putting on such a fun show for our children.  I could tell by the noise how much they enjoyed it!  Loved Whiskers and Stinkers Binkers definitely gave teachers/children a fright! Thank you to you all for your Treasure Island skills"

The Children's Pantomime That Comes To You!

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